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I noticed that the blog roll on my side bar is getting waaay too long, so I decided to put some of the blogs I found but do not read vey often here (the ones in my blog roll, however, are the ones I read on a daily basis).

Special needs
a diary of a mom
Adapting Creatively
Big Brother, Little Sister & the Baby
Chapel Hill Snippets
Down Wit Dat
Emma's Hope Book
Exploring Holland 
Friendship Circle Blog 
Happiness Cubed
I'm Just That Way And That's Just Me
Jennifer Johannesen
Jo Ashline 
Life After IEPs
Mama Be Good
mealtime hostage
Mindful Meerkats 
momnivore's dilemma
Mostly True Stuff 
My So-Called High Functioning Life
My Whac-A-Mole Life
Not Just Anyone
Orange This Way
Our Small Moments
Passionate Perseverance
Reinventing Mommy
Tenn Sense
Taking it Day by Day with Developmental Delays
the Feeding Doctor
The Flight Of Our Hummingbird
This Journey Our Life
This Little Miggy Stayed Home
Uncommon Sense
Understanding And Embracing Diversity 
Wonderfully Wired 
Yeah. Good Times.

An Inch Of Gray
Can I Get Another Bottle Of Whine... 
Dinosaur Superhero Mummy
elleroy was here
Hiragana Mama 
Mommy, For Real
No Points for Style
Papyrus Smear 
Take It Or Leave It
The Blah Blah Blahger
The Maven Of Mayhem
The Transformed Non-Conformist 
Wrinkled Mommy

Decluttering and organising
Delightful Order


  1. One more you might like is

    1. Thank you Debi, I will check this site! :-)


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