Monday, 11 August 2014

A detour

This post was planned to go live last week. I had already written most of it on Monday and decided to finish and publish it on Tuesday evening. 

Then we took another detour. I would love to say it was unusual but it was not since Sunny had another concussion last week and we stayed another two days at the hospital. It was the second concussion this year and the fourth in his life. The last one was at the end of May this year. It is funny how the nurses all know us and greet us almost excitedly when we walk in. Can I just say that I am sooo fed up with all of this hospital stuff??

Here is the short version: I was about to make Sunny ready for bed and decided to open the windows in this room in order to ventilate it before he would be going to sleep. I turned my back to him for all of about three seconds when I heard a loud noise followed by immediate crying. As I turned around I saw him lying next to his changing table with his face on the wooden floor. I am not exactly sure what happened but I guess he tried to climb up the changing table and crashed while trying.

So I scooped him up, turned him around and saw blood in his mouth. He had hurt the inside of his cheek and was bleeding. And he was crying. Since his pain tolerance level is rather high I always know that it really hurts when he cries. The right side of his face was red and already turning a bit blue so the impact must have been quite strong. I consoled him but he was back to his quirky self soon and seemed normal at first.

After some time I put him to bed and snuggled up to him when he suddenly started yawning. However, he was yawning every ten seconds and I think about ten times in a row. That was when it dawned on me that he probably had another concussion. I am a concussion expert now with four of them so I know the signs. I went downstairs with Sunny to tell my husband about the accident and that I was presuming he had a concussion. I told him that I was thinking about going to the hospital.

Sunny, however, seemed quite normal again at that moment and had stopped yawning while I was carrying him so we decided to wait a while and see how it all develops. When we returned to his room he did not want to lie down anymore but instead sit on my lap and snuggle close to my chest. I presume he was already feeling sick by then.

When he fell asleep sitting on my lap (Sunny NEVER sleeps outside of his bed!) and even seemed to become unconscious at some point everything was crystal clear so I called my husband to take care of him while I packed our hospital bag. While I was packing Sunny threw up all over my husband so I hurried as much as I could and took him to the hospital. It was after 23:00 when we could finally move into our room and crash in our beds. We were both exhausted.

So, that was that. Bummer.

And this is the post I had prepared to publish earlier last week. I just posted it some minutes ago where it belongs, date-wise.


  1. Oh no poor Sunny. And you for having to be in the hospital.

  2. Oh yikes! You sure are the concussion expert!

    1. Oh yes, I guess I am, and involuntarily so!

  3. Oh no :( Poor Sunny and poor mama - being a concussion expert is not a fun expert to be. I'm glad that you recognized the signs though!


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