Thursday, 12 June 2014

Teething problems: I thought we were done!

I should have known better than to announce in my last post that Sunny is fine - because this has changed for the worse in just a few days.

Since Sunday last week he has not been feeling too well. We had a heat wave here with temperatures up to almost 40 °C and I thought he was just feeling miserable because of the weather. On Monday it got worse. He was whiny, dispirited, grumpy, tired, and clingy the whole day. Monday was the hottest day here. He asked for his favourite drink (milk with water) frequently throughout the day but only drank one or two sips every time I gave him his bottle which is very unusual; he normally drinks large amounts of his milk drink. On Monday night when I wanted to brush his teeth he started crying and put his finger in his mouth. I looked inside with an electric torch and saw that his upper molars are coming through, both almost at the same time. The one on the left side already broke through a bit; the one on the right can already be seen shining through his gums.

Since then he has been refusing almost any food and, what is worse, also reduced drinking a lot. Which is not good at all in the middle of a heat wave. It got worse every day and yesterday it was so bad that I took him to see our paediatrician. He has so much trouble swallowing that I was sure he has strep. But he does not have any kind of infection. She checked his ears, lungs, stomach, throat - everything is fine. She even did a blood count to see if his infection markers were increased, but they were not even a bit elevated. However, yesterday he already showed signs of dehydration so I have to be careful and bribe him into drinking as much as I can.

However, he just is not his usual funny and happy self and that breaks my heart. I see how miserable he is all the time. It is a constant state he is in at the moment and I am so sorry for that. I wish I could help him bear the pain. So today I decided to have a dentist check his teeth to see if there was anything else apart from teething going on but she told me that from a dentist's point of view everything seems to be normal and that she cannot help us.

The only thing I can do is ease the pain with medication and hope that it will be over soon. Given that it already lasts for almost a week and the teeth still have a lot of work to do until they are finally all out does not make me really hopeful that it will be over soon. It is hard to see your child cry when he wants to eat or drink but is not able to because of the pain. That makes my maternal heart break over and over again. The nights are also horrible, he wakes up almost every hour and I am so very tired already.

I have never experienced anything like that in his history of teething and I never thought his last molars would bring that much pain to him. He always had painful times when his teeth came but it was never that bad. Well, you live and learn.


  1. Aw, poor Sunny and his poor Mama! Teething is SO hard - watching our kids in pain is the hardest of all. I hope that his teeth are out soon! xoxo

    1. Thanks Kristi. He is finally feeling better again, I am so glad about that! xo


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