Saturday, 22 March 2014

... and my heart went awwwww!

Today there was an event at Sunny's school in order to raise some money for the kids. Sunny did not want to come along but since I had made a cake that I had to drop off there I went alone.

After I handed over the cake I looked at the beautifully handcrafted decorations that were for sale and decided to say hi to his former kindergarten staff. I found them all together in one room where they waited for the kids to do crafts with them.

They were really happy to see me and we talked for a while. It was so good to see them again and I felt very comfortable.

Before I left I spoke to the lady whom Sunny had had the closest bond with. They were so very close back in the days and it was always clearly evident how much Sunny loved and trusted her and also how much she loved him. She was always his go-to person where he felt protected and comfortable, safe and secure. I asked her how he reacts when he sees her now and she told me that he still comes over during recess when he sees her and that she even gets to hug him. She is so impressed with how much he has developed since he left kindergarten last summer and how he has transformed into a small school boy. She was also impressed by how he moves along now during recess, paying attention to the vehicles like tricycles that cruise across the playground. When she was still responsible for his safety she said she was always afraid that he would get run over because he never paid any attention to anything or anyone and now, while he is still accompanied by one person, he stops when a vehicle approaches and is much more in control of the complete situation.

And then she told me how much she misses "her Sunny" and that he really was such a very special boy for her. She said that anyone just has to love him because he is such a tender, darling, and kind child. And she told me how glad I must be that he is my kid and that I am so very lucky to call him mine.

And that was when my heart went awwww and my eyes got all teary. <3 It makes me so happy to feel that someone else is that much in love with my beautiful boy, too. 

PS: I will share the details of where I have been lately in the next post which will hopefully happen soon! Thank you for bearing with me although I have been absent. It means a lot to me!


  1. What a wonderful comment, Joy! It's always great to hear how our kids are loved by other people, how they stand out from other kids. Give Sunny an extra hug tonight :-)

  2. My heart went "AWWWW" too my dear friend. I loved this. Often I read from my phone and forget to come back to comment but I miss you and wanted to say how happy this post made me. Hugs.

  3. awwwww, it's always nice to see the teachers our kiddos had!


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