Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 34-35/2013

We are all set to leave for Cologne early this morning and I am actually quite tired, so let's see if my brain is still able to come up with ten things tonight I am thankful for.

1) I am glad that I managed to downsize our luggage as good as possible. Since I will be travelling alone with Sunny it will still be a challenge to take all our bags to our hotel room. I hope someone will help me with it.

2) I am thankful that I will meet a woman and a family that I have both only known online so far in Cologne. I hope I will live up to their expectations and vice versa and I hope we will have a nice time together. Let's see whether I will still be thankful for these blind dates next weekend ;-)

3) I am thankful for Bryan Adams' "Rebel". My very first boyfriend introduced me to Bryan Adams (well, not personally but rather to his music) and this is one of my favourite songs from his old albums, although there are many more songs that I really like.

4) I am thankful that the summer holidays went really smoothly so far. It is just perfect to have some time at home and then leave again for some time. It is good to have some time alone and get things done while Sunny is taken care of by our respite care worker and then he is with me again and we do whatever he likes. We had some therapy sessions and some time off. So far it has been the perfect mixture of everything and the time went by really quickly without me feeling absolutely stressed.

5) I am excited to go to Cologne. I was there some years ago for half a day but rarely remember anything from the trip. I hope that we will be able to do some sightseeing tomorrow. Let's hope the weather will be on our side. We live in a rather rural area so it is always exciting to visit a big city.

6) I am looking forward to staying at a nice hotel for two nights. I haven't been to a hotel for a long time so I hope it will be cool and that we get a nice, quiet room.

7) I am thankful that I finally am able to accept that Sunny has to go to school in two weeks. It took me so long to make peace with this and now it's okay. Somehow. I am still a bit nervous and hope everything will be fine but I am not as unhappy as I used to be about the mere fact of school for Sunny this September.

8) I am thankful that it was possible to get an appointment in Cologne in order to hopefully get some help with the talker. The guy we have the appointment with is quite busy and fully booked so I am glad that he takes some time only for us. I hope it is worth the long drive!

9) I am thankful that my friend visited me this week and that we had such a nice and cosy evening together.

10) I am thankful for your understanding that I could not get back to anyone yet since I returned from Austria. It is just not easy as long as Sunny is still on holiday. I really hope that I will find the time soon to make my rounds again on the blogosphere, answer comments and all that. Thank you for still visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments nevertheless. See you all soon! xoxo

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts

Friday, 30 August 2013

Keepsake for kindergarten and school memories

Maybe you already noticed that I am a big lover of beautiful things (but then again, who isn't?). I love to put much effort into beautiful and thoughtful presents that I give away and I also love to keep memories in a beautiful "outfit".

I was inspired by a blog post I read somewhere on the internet about keeping kindergarten and school memories. I cannot remember where it was. However, there were templates you could fill in and print for each year of kindergarten and school. I really liked the idea but wanted something more than just printed sheets of paper.

Some time ago I read another story of a young girl who was given her favourite book as a child when she graduated from school. Her father had given it to all her teachers (unbeknownst by her) from kindergarten on and they all left beautiful notes for the girl in the book, right where they found free space to write kind things about this girl. When she graduated from school her father handed her the book and she was over the moon by that surprise. You can read the story and see some pictures here.

So I decided to make a book, too, mixing up these two inspiring ideas. I made an empty photo book and had it printed. It includes two pages for each year of kindergarten and school. I will show you a picture for a better understanding of the content:

I handed the book over to Sunny's kindergarten teacher some weeks before the end of kindergarten and was given it back on Monday of his last week in kindergarten. Because it was just some weeks before the end of the school year that I had the final idea of how to do the book (which had been on my mind for months) his teacher had to complete the last three years in only some weeks. But I must say she did such a perfect job!

It is a beautiful testament of love, funny stories, and pride for what Sunny has achieved in the last years, what he has been up to and what he learned that I shed grateful tears of joy and sadness at the same time when I read it. It is such a beautiful take on his last three years that I am so glad I came up with the idea for the book just in time before kindergarten ended. I will give it to every teacher in the years to come. Now all I have to do is add the pictures to go in the respective field and this book will be a gorgeous keepsake I will treasure.

Maybe you want to do something similar, too, that is why I am sharing this. Feel free to copy and steal my idea! :-)

PS: I have written this post some weeks ago and kept it in my draft folder for times when I would be too busy for blogging - which is exactly right now. I am so sorry that I haven't gotten back to anyone yet, that I haven't commented on your blogs, that I haven't answered any comments so far... I got sick on Friday night, spiked a fever of 40 °C on Saturday night and I did not feel well the whole weekend. Our trip to Cologne is coming up, we are leaving tomorrow. So there is stuff to prepare for this on top of the normal chores to be done at home and the therapies we have to attend and as Sunny is still on holiday I hardly find the time to blog during the day and when he is in bed I am exhausted. I hope to maybe be back more next week but I am not sure about that yet. So thank you for bearing with me nevertheless. xo

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Meet me at Lizzy's!

Hi friends!

Today I am featured on Lizzy's blog Considerings as a part of her Meet The Co-Hosts series!

Would love to meet you there! Cheers!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 34/2013

(This post was published on October 2, 2013).

I just wanted to complete my missing Week In Pictures posts when I found out that I didn't take a single picture of this week that I can share with you. Sorry! :-(

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 31-34/2013

This week's TToT will contain more than just the things I am thankful for this week because I was away for two weeks and could not join the fun so I have to add the stuff I could not post to this week's list.

1) Thankful for the awesome time I had while I was away. I saw so many new things, enjoyed myself so much, had a lot of time to charge my batteries again and was spoiled by many people, including my Austrian friend (who always bends over backwards when I visit her) and my parents.

2) I am happy that I am still in touch with most of my best friends from school, one of them even from elementary school. I meet most of them on 1:1 dates throughout the year but once a year the three of us try to have a group date and spend one whole day together with our kids and I have to say that I am so happy that it happened this year again. I am the one to organise the date every year and while they say that I am a pain in the butt when it comes to following up e-mails, checking dates and getting on their nerves when they do not get back to me they say they are glad I do because otherwise our dates just would not happen.

3) I am thankful that I finally got to visit Salzburg, something I longed for since I was a child. Salzburg is such a beautiful city with so much to see and places to go, a lot of awesome street musicians, an vibrant yet relaxed vibe, kind and polite people, lots of awesome old buildings and picturesque streets, Mozart's birthplace, original Mozartkugeln (chocolate-covered rum truffles with marzipan - omg, they are soooo good!! Hmmmmm!!), beautiful pavement cafés, cooling fountains, tasty food and drinks served in elegant dishes, ... I could go on and on. Salzburg is surely worth visiting and I hope I will see more of it when I visit my friend next time.

4) I am thankful that my parents are both still healthy and I hope it will stay this way for a loooooooong time!!!

5) I am thankful for my blogging friends who took care of this space so good and who graced this blog with their beautiful words although they only had a few days to write theirs guest posts because I am a sleepy head and came up with the idea to ask them only a few days before I left. THANKS HUGE!!! xoxoxo

6) I am thankful for my new camera and my iPhone because both helped me make amazing and beautiful pictures and funny videos on my trip!

7) I am glad that I hired a professional for respite care because this woman helps me to breathe while the summer holidays last and not get too exhausted because I get some breaks in between.

8) I am thankful for Hall and Oates' "Wait For Me". I have been a huge fan of them since I was a teenager. They were not as famous here as they were in the US so almost non of my friends listened to their songs (they were more into Madonna, Michael Jackson, Genesis, ...) but after I saw a live concert of them by accident on TV I was immediately smitten and have been in love with their music ever since. I love Daryl Hall's unique voice. I have almost all their albums (also the newer ones and the solo albums of Daryl Hall) and had a hard time choosing one of their songs now. However, Wait For Me is one of my favourites of them.

9) I am thankful for the delicious Cosmopolitan that I am enjoying right now.

10) I am thankful to be back in the blogosphere. As much as I know that I spend a bit too much time with it it feels good to be back.

10+1) I am glad that my friend will be back from her holidays this weekend. We haven't seen each other for more than three weeks now and had only little contact while she and I were away. I must say that I really missed her. I invited her for a girls night on Monday and I am really looking forward to it.

10+2) I am so much looking forward to our trip to Cologne next weekend. We will hopefully be getting some support with the talker there and I also have a date with a family I only know online so far. I also booked a nice hotel for Sunny and me, so this is hopefully going to be a cool trip.

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts

Friday, 23 August 2013

The letter

I am sure most of you have read this horrifying letter as it is making its rounds on social media. This letter is shocking, disgusting, and appalling. Not only is it cruel because the mother of a child with autism is requested to lock her autistic son inside in order to not disturb the neighbourhood with his "dreadful noises". It gets much worse. How can anyone who claims to be a mother have thoughts like these? It is beyond me how anyone can suggest to another mother euthanising her child just because it does not behave the way someone expects it to?!

This subject is an especially soft spot for me because this, the very thing this mother suggests to another mother (!), was done in our country more than 60 years ago. People with disabilities were murdered because they did not live up to the standards of the perfect society that was planned to be created. When I read historic documents about that time my stomach turns and makes me feel sick. The cruelty of it leaves me speechless. How the weakest of our society were precisely killed, murdered, destroyed in a perfectly organised way is something I will never, ever, ever even grasp to comprehend because it is incomprehensible. How do the minds of these people work? Are they emotionless monsters? I will fail to understand this my whole life.

I think of my beautiful child and I know that he would have been one of them. Just to think about that for even a split second gives me chills of despair and pain. How is it possible to hurt and kill the most innocent of society? How is it possible to hurt and kill anyone at all?

It happened more than 60 years ago. You would think that society has learned from the past and from the cruelty that happened. The utter, sheer cruelty that it is just impossible to wrap your head around because it is just completely off the charts. We claim to be a modern, open-minded society. Almost 70 years is a long time. Yet today there are still people out there who think this is a valid reaction and way to get "rid of the problem". There are people bringing up kids, planting their sick views and beliefs in the minds of their kids, raising another generation to find this a normal way of "dealing with it". When will this stop?

Today, I am disgusted at our society.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Holiday recap, part one: Austria

I finally finished my post with the pictures from Austria. And since I like it tidy ;-) I published them where they belong (datewise), so please make sure to follow the link and take a look at them! Hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back in the saddle again!

Hey everyone!

We are back from our holiday trip!

I have to say that we had such a good time! I relaxed a lot, Sunny had so much fun because we did a lot of water activities (fountains, swimming lake, swimming pool) and it was just good to spend some time away from the daily grind and expand our minds to new and stimulating things and places. It was a treat to spend some time with family and friends whom I only rarely get to see.

I promised to show you a lot of pictures, so at the moment I am working on the post on my first part of our trip to Austria. However, since I have taken a lot of pictures and it takes quite some time to choose which ones to post, edit, upload, and comment on I am not finished yet but I hope to get it done today or tomorrow at the latest.

It feels good to be back again in this space! I will slowly try to catch up on all the comments and my favourite blogs in the next days/weeks. But it will surely take me some time to do that.

Hope you are all well! xoxo

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 32-33/2013

(This post was published on October 2, 2013).

Sunny and I spent the remaining 1,5 weeks of our holidays at my parents.

We met with a lot of friends and family but also enjoyed a lot of downtime. We went for long walks each day; some days accompanied by family members or friends, some days on our own. We enjoyed the tranquillity, the sun, and the gorgeous nature. We listened to the birds and the frogs, we fed ducks and watched grey herons. It was a good time we had each day when we charged our batteries from the daily hassle and grind. We just were there in the moment, enjoying our surroundings and each other.

Let the beautiful pictures fill your senses.

Friday, 16 August 2013

2013 Holiday Edition: What NOT to do when travelling with children

This is the final post of my guest post series "2013 Holiday Edition" where my fellow blogging friends help me to fill the space in this place until I get back from my holiday trip. The next in line is Stephanie of Life, Unexpectedly. She chronicles her life with her two gorgeous girls, Lily and Violet, and her husband Richard with all the ups and downs that occur in the lives of everyone.

Stephanie's blog is a fairly new find on my list and I must say that I enjoyed reading it immediately. When I read that she had missed German food I contacted her and offered to get her whatever she was craving for. She answered that she was in Germany and so I sent her an e-mail inquiring where about she was. We exchanged two or three e-mails in English until I jokingly asked her how good her German was. This is when she told me that she was actually German! I love this funny little anecdote because neither of us had figured out that the other one was German, too! Tee hee!

I am really glad that she said yes when I asked her to do a guest post. 


What NOT to do when travelling with children

Travelling with children can be fun, but also a lot of things can go awry. Here are my Top Three of things to keep in mind when travelling with little ones.

3. Airplane Seating
If possible, get seats right behind the toilets. There is more foot space, baby beds are available to be attached to the walls for the VERY little ones, and – hooray – the bathrooms are right there, if the kids “have to go” for the 100th time in an hour. Believe me, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the two middle seats in the middle isle for 11 hours with a screaming lap baby, who has absolutely no space to move or play.

2. Mind the Bunny
Always and under all circumstances double and triple check at all times if all stuffed animals are really packed. White hotel room sheets, a white bunny, and still half-asleep mommies are not a good combination. Last year, Lily noticed shortly after arriving at the airport that her Bunny was missing. I didn’t remember packing it, hubby didn’t remember packing it – oh crap. We had a happy ending because I just caught our friend, who has taken us to the airport driving away and begged her to return to the hotel to check if Bunny was there. In the meantime, we were busy calming down a very distraught Lily, who was crying for her Bunny. I was already mentally preparing myself buying her whatever stuffed animal she wanted at the airport store, in case our friend could not find the bunny, would not be let into the hotel room, or didn’t make it back to the airport in time. But for once, we were lucky and Lily happily re-united with Bunny. We had another little melt-down when she had to separate from Bunny for him to be x-rayed during the luggage check, but I cannot imagine the drama we would have had if she had to be without her best friend Bunny for a few weeks.

1. Apple Juice is the Devil
Never, under any circumstances, allow your child to order a can of apple juice and drink it within 5 minutes. I know they are thirsty, more so up there than on the ground, but do yourself a favor and convince them to drink orange juice or water. During one of our flight, both the girls ordered and gulped up a can of apple juice quicker than we could react. The explosive diarrhea that followed was not fun. We went through half of the diapers and both extra-outfits I had brought for Violet within 15 minutes; I was about to panic. And Lily was not a happy camper either, being somewhat freaked out by what was happening to her. Cleaning up the mess in the tiny plane bathroom was not fun either, believe me.

It is also often helpful to bring a shirt or two along for yourself, because spills will happen (I remember a portion of spaghetti on my lap…). Pack a few new toys or books, which will keep them occupied and definitely get headphones for the on-board movies or a portable DVD-player for longer road trips, and even the longest journey should be somewhat enjoyable for everyone.


Thank you so much for taking the time to guest post here, Stephanie! I hope you will enjoy your holidays with your family!

I am sure you all enjoyed her post so please visit Stephanie's blog for more of her awesomeness!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

2013 Holiday Edition: Traveling with a child who has special needs

The next guest poster is my wonderful friend Kerri of Undiagnosed, but okay where she writes beautifully about her life with her two girls Allie and Boo and her husband David - not to forget her crazy puppy. 

When we met in the big blogging world we found out very quickly that we share so many things, experiences, and feelings and really think alike ever so often. Kerri has the biggest heart and always sends me the most wonderful messages. She consoles me when I feel down and cheers for us when we have something to celebrate. I know that when I need her she will get back to me instantly (if she is not sleeping due to the time shift ;-) ). She has become a real friend and I am sure that only bloggers can understand that it is possible to become friends with someone they have never met. I am honoured and happy to feature her on my blog today. 


Traveling with a child who has special needs

When Joy first approached me to write a guest post for her vacation I struggled with what to write. Joy has such a personal blog, one that tells the daily life of a mom doing her best for her beautiful son, Sunny.

Then it hit me as I sit here with Boo on my lap. She is on a three-day weekend from school and by day 3 she is tired from not being in a structured environment. So while I cannot give you Joy’s perspective of her long-awaited trip I can guess at the emotions she is experiencing.
Traveling is tough. Traveling with children is an adventure in and of itself. But traveling with a child who has special needs? It is scary, overwhelming, sleep depriving and sometimes torture.  

Children who have special needs love their routine. Taking them out of their environment is difficult for them. The routine gives them balance and structure. A break from school sometimes causes a regression. They begin forgetting how to feed themselves, how to use their words. And it really is the parent’s fault. 

Because we are nowhere, near as strict as the professionals. Our little ones melt our resolve with their tears. 

When I was pregnant with Allie I received some great advice. That this child was being born into our lives, we were not being born into hers. And it worked. Allie traveled early and often. She slept wherever we put her, with whatever noise was going on.

Boo was more complex. In her case, we were born into her world. All of us. When we travel with Boo we know we will set off a GI issue. She will not sleep well, unless in my arms and even then it is sparingly. She will eat, but her brain is so tired from trying to keep up with the non-routine, she will need help. In restaurants she will sit on my lap as she is too big for a high chair yet not stable enough for a booster seat. She is not allowed to be out of her stroller/wheelchair often as she has the tendency to wander.

She will wear an ID tag pinned to her back so that if she does wander people know how to find us.  

I know when we come home I will have at least 5 nights of her crying herself to sleep. I know it will take a week to undo a weekend.

And with all of this terror, anxiety and planning I will tell you this….

It is all worth it.

One hundred and ten percent worth it to expose your child, special or typical, to traveling. Not to cocoon them in the routine. It is difficult, sure. But the rewards are endless. The first time they see a waterfall, the wonder when they see an aquarium. You will remember those moments more than you will the sleepless nights.

In Joy’s case she is traveling to friends. Ones who will love and accept Sunny for the glorious boy he is. She will share her boy with those who will adore learning about him. 

Her friends are very lucky indeed. 


Can I just say that I am very lucky to call Kerri my friend? xoxo Thank you so much for your wonderful post! 

Please make sure to hop over to her blog, it is worth your time!

Monday, 12 August 2013

2013 Holiday Edition: Blog to Book

I am happy to feature Alana of Lightly Salted on my blog today! Alana is so many things: a blogger, published author, mother, and pastor's wife. On her blog she posts about writing, literature, parenthood, special needs, faith ... and just about anything else that comes to her mind.

My first virtual encounter with Alana was on her other blog, A Boy Named Silas, where she shares the struggles and achievements of her life with her son Silas. I was drawn to her writing and her blog immediately and I found out quickly that we have many things in common. Alana is a very kind person who always finds the right things to say (or write, to be precise). I am always happy to find one of her lovely comments on my blog. While she is right in the process of writing another book right now and planned on taking care of her wrists this week she jumped the chance immediately when I asked if she wanted to be a guest poster here because she is awesome like that.


Blog to book

     When I first started blogging the account of my son's complicated medical history, I was writing therapeutically. In other words, I was writing to help myself sort out all the emotions I went through when the doctor rushed my breathless, floppy, purple son out of the delivery room and started screaming down the hall.

     I wasn't writing to get a bunch of blog traffic. I wasn't hoping to have a bestseller. I just needed to process Silas' birth event, especially since at the time I started blogging I was pregnant again and was terrified of something else horrific happening after the delivery.

     I spent a good year and a half just blogging for family and friends who saw my posts on Facebook. I didn't really need a bigger audience than that. These were the ones who had known Silas and prayed for him since the day of his birth.

     Fast-forward several years. Silas was about to turn five. His progress had astounded everyone: family, friends, and medical professionals alike. The story of the purple floppy newborn who grew into a vivacious, silly five year-old had to be told.

     When I turned Silas' story into book format, it felt like the culmination of five years of arduous labor. And really, it was. So many things went through my head during Silas' first year that I almost knew I'd have to write a book about it one day. But my life was too busy at the time with therapy appointments, doctor visits, and the occasional trip to the hospital to even think about writing.

     I know others have been blessed by Silas' story (because they've told me). My little memoir has gotten the reputation for the book that makes people cry. I'm thrilled that Silas' story has blessed and encouraged others. But you know what? I probably benefited more from printing my memoir than anybody else. By writing about the fear and trauma we went through during Silas' first years, I was able to find a healing and peace I wasn't sure I'd ever recover again after Silas' birth.

     As a quick aside, the other real benefit from being able to share Silas' story is the way it's opened doors for me to communicate with other special needs mamas like Joy, whom I'd like to thank for letting me share this guest post.

If you would like more information about the Boy Named Silas book or ebook, you can check out my amazon author page.


Thank you so much, Alana, for taking the time to guest post here although you are busy with your book and your ankles need a break. I love that you still did it! It means a lot to me!

If you want to read more of Alana, please head over to her blog or buy her book to learn about the story of Silas!

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 31-32/2013

(This post was published on August 22, 2013 due to my holiday absence.)

I haven't taken many pics in week 31 before we left because I was quite busy preparing our trip.

Let's start the first part of this holiday recap with some impressions of our drive to Austria on Sunday. It took us more than seven hours again instead of five (like last time) and by the time we arrived we were both exhausted.

Awesome skies - I love cirrocumulus clouds! In German we call them "lamb clouds" because they look like little lambs! Love that expression! <3

Tunnels, making Sunny happy

Bavarian landscape

On Monday of week 32 we spent the day in Mondsee which is close to Salzburg. Sunny was still tired from the long drive and needed to nap urgently (which he only does in bed, nowhere else, which means that he neither does it in the car and neither did on our way to Austria...) so we decided to take it slowly and do some relaxing stuff in the morning, then return home in order for him to be able to sleep and then go out again in the afternoon. It was hot as hell while I was in Austria so we decided to go on a little boat trip and enjoy the cool breeze on the lake.

Doesn't the water just look awesomely turquoise?

A café on the lakefront

There were so many gorgeous houses on the lakefront...

.... with this villa being one of my favourites. Would love to go inside and see what it is like! I love the huge windows facing towards the lake. It must be awesome to live there!

The yacht club

Gotta love those beautiful houses...

... and the small summer houses with platforms directly above the water - you just can hop in!

After Sunny's nap we went "downtown" to the small town centre of Mondsee. It is a very picturesque place with lots of tourists frequenting the small streets. The street cafés in the pedestrian zone are very beautiful and invite to take a break for a cup of coffee or tea and some cream cake or, as it was so hot, sundae and a cold chocolate with ice.

Sunny fell completely in love with the facade of this café and dragged me in front of it as often as he could. Then he jumped up and down and squeaked and laughed with delight because he was so excited and loved it so much. <3

Once again, the famous church from the movie "The Sound of Music" where Maria and Kapitän von Trapp got married

Taking a glance into one of the small streets

I found a heart-shaped leaf and just had to take a picture of it

We caught the last rays of the setting sun before it disappeared behind the houses

The next day was reserved for our trip to Salzburg. We checked the weather forecast in advance in order to decide about the best day for Salzburg and our day at the swimming lake. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was not very precise, so we almost melted in the heat in Salzburg because we chose the wrong day. On the other hand, the next day at the swimming lake started off rather cool. :-/

Some impressions on our way to the city centre of Salzburg:

The famous "Getreidegasse" with beautifully crafted, antique shop signs hanging above the small alley.

The broadest part of the alley measures about 10 metres, the narrowest only a few metres

Even McDonald's has a beautiful sign that fits perfectly into the alley

The Getreidegasse is also where Mozart's birthplace is. The sign reads "Mozart's Birthplace / Mozart Museum. Wolfgang Amadé Mozart was born in this house on January 27, 1756."

Beautiful architecture everywhere

The omnipresent cabs or, as they are called in Austria, "Fiaker"

The "Salzburger Dom" (Salzburg cathedral)

The Festung (fortress) Hohensalzburg which we were going to visit next

A small mountain railway took us up there

The awesome view across Salzburg, the Salzburger Dom and the Salzach river

Salzburg is surrounded by mountains

Some impressions of the Festung

In the courtyard of the Festung

Back at the cathedral again

An old street sign reading "Residenzplatz"

An old pharmacy from the outside...

.. and inside, displaying those beautiful old containers where the medicine used to be stored in.

Crossing the Salzach river on the way to our lunch break

If you like historic buildings, Salzburg is surely worth visiting!

After the kids soaked themselves completely in a nearby fountain (I have to say that not much of me stayed dry either because Sunny dragged me in there frequently) we had something to eat.
The beverages were served in style; I had delicious elder syrup spritzer.

As it got really hot in the afternoon we decided to return to the car slowly and drive home after lunch...

... but before we left I bought some original Mozartkugeln (chocolate-covered rum truffles with marzipan) for my husband (and some for me ;-) ). A must when you visit Salzburg!

We spent the last day of my trip at the swimming lake where I did not really take many pictures because we were busy enjoying ourselves. The day started off rather cool, as you can see in the picture, but as the day commenced it got warmer and warmer and by afternoon it was quite hot so swimming and going down the slides with Sunny multiple times was really a refreshing relief!

The next day we left for my hometown in order to stay with my parents and meet family and friends. I will have a separate post for that to come shortly.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of Austria!