Monday, 23 December 2013

The ominous Christmas pickle

Dear friends, especially my American readers,

Please let me tell you something about the Christmas pickle. I have learned over the last months that many Americans have a Christmas pickle in their Christmas tree. Rumour has it that the Christmas pickle is an old German tradition.


My friends, this is completely wrong. Trust me on this one: before I roamed foreign blogs and websites I was unaware that something like the Christmas pickle even existed. I am almost 40 years old and I never heard of the Christmas pickle before. I am very sure that none of my friends (let alone family) know anything about a tradition with a pickle in the Christmas tree.

I think it is just hilarious that Germans are believed to have such a tradition and hardly anyone here knows anything about it at all!

So, next time you are at a dinner party and the conversation gets boring and you need a topic to talk about, talk about the Christmas pickle and how it was invented by some unknown person, but not by the Germans ;-)


  1. HAHAHAHA I love it! Don't blame the Germans for your pickle :) That is too funny. Check my post out where I reference you and traditions....written BEFORE I read this by the way. I now will have to go back and edit it. Too funny my friend

    1. Kerri, I searched for it but I cannot find the post you mentioned... which one is it?

  2. How funny! We actually have TWO pickles - one large and one tiny. We have only one child so it's a pretty sure bet that she will be the one who gets the first present, extra present, blessing for good fortune - whatever interpretation you like. Usually we just designate one gift and one tiny gift her "pickle presents" which for us just means the two little extras that were never part of the plan for the holiday but we saw that she would love. This year, though, since our daughter has developed a wicked sense of humor, I may just wrap up a jar of her favorite pickles!

  3. I actually think it's British! I've come across the custom when finding a pickle ornament at a stall at the Würzburg winter market 8 years ago. They explained the custom behind it and said it came from Britain.. Who knows.. Maybe the British have no clue either, and it's just a weird American tradition that they like to blame on someone else :-)

  4. Hahahahahaha!!! My husband and I are both of German descent, and his grandfather was even born there. We have the pickle, which my husband's mom gave us and told us about. I thought it was a tradition his grandparents had passed down. Turns out, she saw a pickle at a store, read that it was a German tradition, and bought them for both her tree and ours. Hahahaha!!! Can't wait to tell her!


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