Monday, 18 November 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 46/2013

This will be another short post. I was missing in action completely last week because I was really busy with a project and that was totally my own fault and I am really angry about myself. More on that later this week.

I also just posted my Week In Pictures post of last Monday some minutes ago so just follow the link if you would like to see it.

Anyway, that means that I was so occupied with finishing my project that I almost completely forgot to take photos. Here are the few that I took.

Sunny lost his first milk tooth on Tuesday in school. Which is awesome on the one hand since this means it does not have to be pulled, as feared by his dentist. But which sucks on the other hand because although I pointed out to the teacher in the morning in our communication book that the tooth is REALLY wiggly today and that she should watch out for it in case it falls out (and because I was also afraid that he might swallow it) it just got lost at some point during the day. I was so sad because I wanted to keep his tooth (yes, I know I am a hoarder) and now it is lost forever. :-(

We went to the St. Martin's lantern parade with Sunny's former kindergarten and he had sooo much fun! I am glad that I asked them if we would come along because there is no more parade in school and Sunny would have really missed that.

This week's homework: Take a clothes-peg out of the bag, find the big "A", show the sign for "A" and put the peg on the respective field. Sunny did that really well!

We watched "Thor 2" and I really enjoyed it a lot (credits)


  1. congrats on the first tooth! we, too, lost Patty's first tooth! but, yeah, she was eating a candy cane and swallowed it! it was totally unexpected! so, we just put on empty sandwich baggie under her pillow and wouldn't you know it, the tooth fairy came anyway!

    1. Nice idea with the empty sandwich baggie and the tooth! I love that!

  2. Aw, that's a bummer about losing Sunny's first tooth but I've actually heard a lot of people do! The kids aren't prepared for the process and don't realize it. There will be others :)
    And love the clothes peg game!!

    1. I know there will be others, but it was the first one *sniff*. However, I really see before my inner eye how it went along: it probably just fell out and since Sunny does not chew but also does not swallow things *knock on wood* he probably just pushed it out of his month with his tongue and moved on. I hope he will not lose more teeth in school because I am afraid I will end up with an empty teeth box then...

    2. I hear that. Tucker would probably pick it up, look at it, and throw it. *sniff*


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