Monday, 4 November 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 44/2013

Sunny was home for his autumn holidays last week and we spent the time with various doctor's appointments on the one hand and a trip to my old hometown on the other hand.

Since Sunny felt better on Monday after he had had a really rough day with another bout of bronchitis on Sunday and my husband had a day off we went to a shopping centre where Sunny was smitten by the large glass roofs and, of course, enjoyed a lot of escalator "driving"

Dinner for two - hmmmm! :-)

Follow-up EEG on Tuesday. There were no changes visible so he is still prone to having another seizure any time :-(

Early morning shot. Love this view!

The sky never ceases to amaze me in its beauty

We spent Wednesday to Sunday at my parents. On Thursday morning the weather was so lovely and warm so we went for a morning walk in the sun.

My old hometown still has some ancient buildings which I totally love.

The next day was the complete opposite: foggy and cold. We took a long walk in the morning nevertheless because I have to visit this place at least once while I am home. It nourishes my soul and calms me down. What a difference compared to the photos I took in summer!

The sun was just merely visible

Love the reflections of the trees in the lake! Autumn truly is a lovely season. I have never felt and realised this so strongly before.


  1. What a great week you had, Joy! Love all the pictures, minus Sunny's EEG. Hope the next appointment will give you better results, soon!


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