Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 44-45/2013

This week I tried to get into my TToT routine again so I started this post on Monday morning and added things as soon as they happened or came to my mind during the week. It is so much less stressful and all I have to do come Friday night is proof read the whole thing, add the HTML and publish.

... until I started this post on Monday, put in the video and added nothing else until now - Friday night - where I have to work hard to make my tired brain come up with anything. Procrastination at its best, I would say. :-/

So, let's see what I can come up with....

1) I am glad that, for the time being, all planned appointments are off my list until next year. It was surely a lot those past two months so this is really some relief for me.

2) There is something called the "European Song Contest" taking place every year. A lot of countries of the European Union send a band or a singer from their respective country and they all "battle" (aka sing) against each other. The viewers can vote by phone for every country except for their own.

In 2010 it was the Greek song that I liked the most. Now I know this is not the kind of music I normally post or listen to because while I love to dance I am really no dance floor music girl in general. However, this song somehow got me hooked immediately because I liked the exotic melody, the power of it (makes you want to jump up and shout "OPA!", doesn't it?) and I also liked the performance of the dancers in the background. Apart from that the rest of the event was pretty boring so I enjoyed this powerful song a lot. I guess it woke me up from my tv nap ;-) I even called a few times to vote for them but, sadly, they did not win.

I still like this song and today I want to share it with you: "OPA!" by Giorgos Alkaios & Friends. Of course I do not understand a single word but that is not necessary for me to like it. OPA!! :-)

3) I am glad that we found a new date for Sunny's hippo therapy. In summer we always did it in the evening, after the therapist's riding lessons were over, but now it is already too dark by the time when we usually went so after some back and forth discussion the therapist was finally able to give us a fixed date on Saturday morning which is just perfect for us (since my son is such an early bird). I am really glad that we do not have to stop doing it because of external circumstances.

4) I am glad that this week's blood withdrawal to check Sunny's thyroid levels went quickly. Of course he screamed and tried desperately to get away from the stretcher but his paediatrician found a good vein very quickly and there was enough blood soon to end the procedure.

5) I am glad that I got to submit something to our dearest hostini, Lizzy, on time. So proud of my achievement because sometimes I just suck at that but this time I did not. That's something to be thankful for!

6) The fact that there is "Die Hard 2" on TV tonight which I have seen I don't know how often so that I do not have to pay attention to the story line and can blog without missing the plot.

7) I just got a call from Sunny's paediatrician because the blood results came back. The L-Thyroxin needs to be increased and I am glad that medicine exists and is available to us in order to help Sunny develop as good as possible.

8) I am thankful for Kerri. Because she always gets it and she is always there for me although she lives half a world away. Thank you!! xoxo

9) I am thankful that we do not live in an area that is prone to natural disasters. As the news about the super typhoon on the Philippines has been with me the whole day and I thought about the people there constantly I am praying that there will not be too much devastation and, hopefully, no high death toll (I heard about 3 people who died until now and I just wish the numbers would not increase anymore).

10) I am thankful for candles. They make my living room so much more comfy!

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  1. I am with you. I too, am thankful that we do not live in areas where natural disasters abound! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, that song got me up and moving this morning. OPA!
    I'm glad Sunny's getting the medicine and therapy to help him. It isn't easy to figure out what a child needs sometimes (like when he has to be held down for a blood draw), but I'm glad it can be done.
    And as far as the no appointments on your list, I'm jealous.

  3. Huzzah for you getting your Super Secret Special Email to me on time :) You did brilliantly and I love what you sent me.

    *Cackles and rubs hands together* I love it when a plan comes together*

    I'm glad that Sunny's thyroid levels are being carefully and proactively monitored. As much as he hates the procedure, it is comforting to know that he'll be receiving the right medication to help him.

    YAY for your candles and a movie you can blog to, and the freedom and space of all your appointments being done :)

    *ALMOST together, right? Clark?

    1. (looking behind to left and to right)... what? me?

      lol... I am pleased to say that as the Protector of the gathered...etc I fought off my dog Una, who was totally going to eat my photo before I could send it... the photo is in the virtual mail!

  4. I love candles, too and seriously have an addiction to Yankee Candle scents. But seriously wonderful list and just so happy that you had a great week!! :)

  5. OPA! Its like being at a Greek wedding... fabulous events ... worth crashing one if you've never been! Well, arrest may not be worth it... I am happy that Sunny can get his Thyroid meds as well... so important and underestimated in a lot of cases... and that little Boo of Kerri's is probably one of the most adorable little faces I have EVER seen! I too have a candle thing but I used to live about a mile from Yankee Candle and the scent permeated the air so badly that the town complained... it got sickening after while so I stopped candles for a bit... now I tend toward nonscented or very lightly scented ones! Also once Skip flung his monkey toy in the air and it landed on one...monkey flambé!

  6. thank you for Item #1!! I totally feel better. I know that not *everyone* doesn't wait to the last minute, but it is good to get some validation!
    I was wondering, do you find that you lose...whatever the thing that moves you to write when you write a Post over several days? Often I do... but am getting better at pre-writing some of the Post...but there is the excitement of the deadline!
    good to hear a week that goes better, rather than worse.

  7. So glad you have all your scheduled appointments finished for the year...what a blessing that must be! And glad the appointment for the thyroid check went fairly quickly as well. That cannot be any fun at all so speed is of utmost importance, I am sure!

  8. Having survived a natural disaster, I say YES to #9.

  9. It was like you wrote your opening just for me!!! :O

    I am supposed to take R to get some blood drawn NOT looking forward to that. Think "I'll" wear some noise cancelling headphones and pass out earplugs to everyone else. :)

    I love candles too! Will have to remember that for another time. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for candles. I agree. Especially wonderful smelling ones. And it does take something terrible sometimes to make us realize just a beautiful day and beautiful weather is such a blessing.

  11. lovely list! I am so glad Sunny's thyroid levels are being monitored and that the medicine is available for you, also I am glad that the doctor found a good vein to get the blood quickly.

    I love candles too!! Have a great week!

  12. I second you on the natural desasters. I remember a teacher telling us that there are sometimes minor earthquakes at a very deep point of the Rhine river. Well, after living in an area with a vulcano in sight and a continental rift, I so appreciate Germany!

    I'm glad you're done with all your doctor's appointments for Sunny. I bet he "loves" them about as much as every kid. The only way Lily undresses at the doctor for their routine check-up is a "pinky-promise" that there won't be any needles ;-)

    Can you believe that I have never seen a single "Die Hard" movie?? I think we're putting one one our LoveFilm cue for Yule ;-)

    Have a great new week, Joy!

  13. I've started keeping a list on my phone of thankfuls, because I always think of good ones, then can't remember them by the weekend and have to resort to pulling stuff out of my, uh, hat. That's it. Hat....

    Poor Sunny! It's no fun to get blood drawn when you understand what they're doing and that it will only hurt for a few seconds. It must be very frightening for him. But as a necessary evil, it's a good thing that his meds can be adjusted accordingly. Modern medicine really is a wonderful thing! And as someone who has lived with natural disasters, both in California and Missouri, I truly feel for those people in the Phillipines. It all seems so hopeless right afterwards.

  14. joined up again this week. Yay for Sunny's quick blood draw. I HATE getting my blood drawn, so he has my sympathies. Is European Song contest like American Idol? Have a great week, Joy!!! Blessings from Canada:)


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