Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What a day...!

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows how much I was afraid of and dreaded Sunny's transition to school. It took me almost a year to be okay with him going to school and to accept it. I have written about it numerous times.

And if you have been following, you also know how excited I was lately when I finally got to know Sunny's teacher. She treats the kids so lovingly, is so dedicated, supports us with the communication journal and the talker... Sunny is so happy to go to school, his best friend from kindergarten is in his class, too... he loves to go to school and he always comes home contently. We could not have gotten a better teacher.

So you might be able to imagine my utter shock when the principal called me today and informed me that there have to be some changes in another class due to a child being too loud and that this will also affect the lower classes and that Sunny therefore has to move to another class with another teacher!! I felt like I was being punched in the stomach, I literally felt sick. I repeatedly pleaded him, on my knees almost, not to do that to us. Please, do not do this to us. Please don't. Please! Please, don't! I was really devastated. Then I had some kind of nervous breakdown, sort of freaked out and started crying hard. The really ugly cry kind of crying. The principal, who tried to downplay it at first, was taken aback by my fierce reaction and told me that he would have another conference with the teachers. I hung up and cried. And cried and cried. I just could not stop the tears and the sobbing.

All the fears I had with regard to school came up again. Everything had turned out to be just perfect and now they wanted to take it away from Sunny again - after only one month in school!! I could not believe it. Moreover, he has such a hard time to adjust to new situations, to trust and open up to new people so why should he - of all kids - be the one to be moved? It just did not make any sense. He has been there in kindergarten for three years. They know him. How could they make this decision? It was just not right.

With tears streaming down my face and sobbing heavily I wrote a pleading e-mail to his teacher, begging her to fight for Sunny to be able to stay in her class.

Then, still crying, I called my friend because I needed someone to talk to and my husband was in a meeting.

After that I called the kindergarten teacher and left a message on her mailbox, still crying. She fortunately called back within a few minutes and after I explained the situation to her she said that she would walk over to the conference and talk to them - because she has taken care of my son for three years now and she totally thought that this was a bad idea, too. I knew she would understand and I was so thankful that she wanted to help us.

Meanwhile, Sunny returned from school, so I tried to brace myself and prepared lunch but I was still completely beside myself with confusion.

After what seemed like an eternity the principal finally called me again and informed me that they would find another solution. Which means that Sunny will stay in his class with his teacher and his friends.

To say that I was relieved would be a complete understatement. Those 1,5 hours were so unnecessary and now I am so relieved and exhausted and tired and glad. All of it.

And I also treated myself with a big glass of Hugo tonight!

What a day!!

PS: I am sure there are some of you who do not understand all the fuss I make about school at all. Maybe some of you think that I exaggerate, that no one was harmed or ill or something like that and how can I have a heavy reaction like that. But yes, it is a big deal for us due to various reasons. And while I do not like the fact that I cried like that in front of the principal I think it was good (in a certain way) because he realised how important this is to us and that our fears have to be taken seriously.


  1. I am so glad that Sunny got to stay in his class! I have seen myself on Lily what frequent changes of scenery can cause to kids, and she's not special needs. You are a strong woman by letting down your guards and fight for your son, showing your feeling and relaying to the principal how important stability is for Sunny. You did not exaggerate at all, you just did everything in your power to guarantee the best possible outcome for your son!

  2. oh joy, i am so glad to read that this day ended on a happy note!

  3. Joy! I almost cried just reading about you being so upset because I totally understand why you were so upset. I'd be the same way if somebody told me that Tucker would get a new teacher. I'd fight that hard (after bawling my eyes out about it). Great job on sticking to it and making it happen!

  4. Wow! Well done for making sure that DID NOT HAPPEN. Cos that would be devastating for him. So glad you fought this, and just am gutted about how inconsiderate the school was. Hope they think before they act next time!


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