Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 43/2013

This past week was filled with so much appreciation of autumn. I cannot remember that I was aware ever before of how beautiful the colours of autumn are. Therefore, there will be a lot of autumn pictures today. Enjoy them!

This was Sunny's first math homework

Hippo therapy in the dawn

So many gorgeous sunsets lately

Weekend = baking a cake

The remainders of summer are slowly disappearing

I never noticed how beautiful even the vineyards look in autumn

Who needs to travel to New England when we have our own "Indian Summer" here? (okay, almost...)

I am smitten by all those vibrant colours

When the leaves are gone, the berries remain

Sunny had a lot of fun with collecting leaves, too.


  1. Wow, what gorgeous photos!! I'm jealous of the hypo-therapy (again). I tried to get Tucker in one but they gave us one that is 90 minutes away...trying for a closer one. Also, curious to the math homework? It looks fun and interesting but I don't see math in it???

    1. kristi, i look at the kiddos homework on a regular basis and think, "what the heck?" math is not the math i remember from school. i mean, who says "fewer" instead of "less"? it kills me to ask "which has fewer"!

    2. The "math" part was that he was requested to only put one coloured ball in one hole each, not more than one. So I guess that maybe it qualifies as some really low-level "math" in order to learn what the amount "one" means?

      Kristi, you should totally try to find hippo therapy for Tucker!! I bet he would love it as much as Sunny does!

  2. it's so beautiful there! i am really kicking myself that my husband and i never tried to get the army to station him overseas! once again, i am in awe and inspired by your photos!

    1. Aww thank you so much Misty! You always make me feel that I am not only posting the pictures for myself! xoxo

      It is truly beautiful here but I am sure it is just as beautiful where you live!

    2. I've been taking mental pictures all week thinking how pretty it is during the fall! Maybe one day I'll actually use the camera!

      I heard that our schools no longer teach kids to 'carry the one' for math problems. How on earth can you do math if you can't carry the one? 😋

    3. I would love to see your week in pictures, too!

      As for the math thing I am not sure I know what you mean by 'carrying the one'? I probably do but that term 'carry the one' is not familiar to me. Maybe we call it differently?


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