Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 41/2013

Aaah... another week out of the ordinary. Sunny seems to have caught a GI infection, he was very exhausted yesterday evening all of a sudden and did not even want to have anything for supper. That was when I already suspected that something was off. Then last night at 2:00 he threw up in his bed. So I had to give him a shower, I changed the sheets, prepared some chamomile tea for him and we returned to bed at around 4:00 only to wake up around 6:30 again. I guess I do not have to mention that I am slightly tired now...

Oh well, so he will be staying home today. I wonder when he will be at school for a whole week without any interruptions. Somehow the infection season does not start too good for us... :-/

Anyway, here are last week's pics.

I made my first homemade hot dogs ever. Like in my whole life. Must say that they were quite yummy.

Love the red autumn leaves

We went for a walk and fed the ducks. It has become a big hobby of Sunny.

Some drawings of Sunny on the iPad. He is not really into drawing so it is always something special when he does.


  1. what did you put on that hot dog? i only ever eat mine plain, so i'm intrigued to see one dressed up! i am equally entertained in line at Subway just seeing what toppings people choose for their sandwiches!

    1. I put ketchup and a bit of mayonnaise on it as well as dried fried onion and sliced pickled gherkins.

      I got the inspiration for this topping at IKEA because this is more or less exactly how they are offered there. ;-) It is really tasty!

  2. UGH sorry to hear about Sunny's stomach bug. :(
    Tucker's been waking up really early and it's been so hard to get enough sleep. Also, your hotdog looks awesome. I put cheese, tomato, and onion on mine. With lots of mustard. YUM.


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