Saturday, 26 October 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 42-43/2013

The weekend is almost here! Also, today (Friday) is Sunny's first day of the autumn holiday which will end on Friday next week. So he has a week off. I don't know, he was enroled in school, I blinked twice and the first school holidays are already here! I remember when I was a pupil there were never enough holidays. Now, as a parent, I wonder if they are more at home than at school! ;-)

Anyway, my brain is quite empty, so I hope I will be able to come up with 10 things tonight...

1) I know I said it before but I am thankful for my cool, comfortable car. It is really reliable (not jinxing anything hopefully...) and takes me anywhere. We are in the car and driving a lot so having a great car is very important for me. Sunny loves to drive with me, looking out of the window, exclaiming excitedly what he sees and how much he loves driving. Being in the car with him is always beautiful and nice. I enjoy it a lot.

2) I have known "Let Her Cry" by Hootie & The Blowfish for years now, but every time it appears on my playlist I get major chills again. Just so full of emotion and great to sing along.

3) I am thankful that I am able to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds me more and more with every year that I get older. I was not that aware of how beautiful the trees are in autumn before. I mean, I knew it but right now I really see it and that beauty fills my heart and my soul.

4) I am thankful that I will get to see my family and friends again next week as I will be driving home on Wednesday.

5) I am thankful that my iPhone still works. Yesterday I thought it had died and I panicked a little (okay, a lot ;-) ). When it was clear that it was still working I was really thankful! ;-)

6) I am thankful that I finished my book today. Thankful because it was the first book I read in years. I do not have much time to read but I started reading a few pages each night before I turn off the light. It was my goal to finally start reading again this year and I am happpy that I am making small steps towards this goal. Moreover, I started another book today. It is not very thick so I might even make it until the end of the year (maybe).

7) I am thankful for my wardrobe because I have a lot of beautiful "nothing to wear" inside of it ;-)

8) I am thankful for the gossip (and fashion) magazine I like to flip through because it keeps me up to date which is absolutely essential for my life ;-)

9) I am thankful that I do not have to strictly obey to the rules, so I'll end this list here because I am just tired. Sorry guys!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. What was the book you read? No real rules is the fun part of this- well, one of them :) Happy weekend!

    1. It was "Let's pretend this never happened" by Jenny Lawson. I really enjoyed it a lot and was sad when it ended.

      Happy weekend to you, too! :-)

  2. You rebel, you! :)

    I guess some rules just beg to be broken, especially if you're tired :)

  3. Love that you ended this on 9 and trust me I can relate to tired. By the end of the week last night, I caved and went to bed before 10 pm. I just couldn't keep going anymore!! At least I feel refreshed today and love that it is the weekend again!! :)

  4. I agree on the nature. It's so lovely, especially in fall.. Or in spring when the apple and cherry blooms rain (or snow??) down. So magical!

    Which book did you read? Glad you got to do some reading again. I'm very thankful being able to take the bu to work. One hour of reading every day!

    I hope you have a great time with your family. Enjoy the fall vacation with Sunny!!

    PS: I'm going to email you today with recipes for the crock pot.. I'm sorry for not having done so before, I'm a strainer-brain..

  5. your number ten is definitely being smart enough to respect your body over silly guidelines... the NToT is just as cool... sounds like a cool week coming up as well...

  6. huh... did I lose my comments? Or do you clear them first? either way... have a great weekend and I will come back in case my wisdom was lost to cyber space... HA!

  7. so much for was the latter! =P

  8. Hootie and the blowfish are one cool group. I love that song and this list!

  9. I love that you and I both had our smartphones on the list this week :)

    Hope you have awesome holidays with Sunny. It does go very quickly, that ol' school year! So glad that you're going to get to spend time with your friends and family. Very precious time indeed.

    YAY for reading a book. That's awesome. Now go and get another one, because BOOKS ROCK :D It sounds like you enjoyed it a lot :)

  10. #9 very cool! I totally smiled at that one… being old enough to remember the importance of 'showing the Man that he* can control everything!'
    worse than that…the passage of time seems to be accelerating! ayiiee! (I imagine 90 year old people must celebrate birthdays whenever they go shopping!)

    I enjoyed this Post

    * or Lizzie either one…

  11. Ah! I took a bit of a bloggy break this weekend - so no TTOT this weekend. But I hear you on #5 - I've had some scary IPhone moments (mostly surrounding fear of losing my photos). As for #6 - I can't really remember the last time I finished a book... sigh...

  12. GREAT song! I so enjoy Hootie and the Blowfish.
    I read every night before turning out the light, too. Unfortunately, I go to bed so late, I can only read a couple of pages if I'm lucky before my eyes start to close. The days of reading a book a week are long gone.
    The only reason I like to go to the dentist is I get to look through the magazines and see the new fashion.
    Have a great break with Sunny. The time really is going by fast!

  13. I think we can all relate to occasionally needing to keep a list brief! I need to find more reading time in my days, too.

  14. Oh, the iphone! I would perish without mine! I keep all kinds of notes in it, besides using it for social media and, occasionally, even using it to make a phone call!

    Autumn is the BEST time of the year! The colors are so beautiful!

  15. Love Hootie and now Darius Rucker! I felt the same way about school holidays both as a kid and parent. Enjoy your break with Sunny!

  16. The fall colors captivate me every year!

  17. I love your #3. I forgot to talk about the beauty of nature. Not having grown in North America, every single fall takes me by surprise again. I love, love, love the outdoors in the fall.

  18. Hi Joy! I love Hootie and the Blowfish!!! I also love fall weather, the gorgeous colors in the trees and when the sun sets behind the trees accenting those beautiful colors!!! I don't know what I would do if I lost my phone or if it quit working!!! That is how I communicate with the world over the Internet mostly, and how I read my books! I love to read. I can be anyone in any part of the world! I always say I have nothing to wear also but that's probably because I need to lose like 50 pounds! :) Have a great night!

  19. We all have a right to get tired! lol Having a good car is definitely important. My wife has done without for many years as she's still driving a '96 Camry (that just hit 100,000 miles.) I decided I'm going to put off retirement a year or two and keep working so that she can have a new one. Mine is paid off in March, finally, so I'll get her one then. Reading and I have a love / hate relationship. I've always loved to read, but my battle with my eyes makes it extremely difficult. Blurry vision makes it even tough to read and comment on posts at times, little lone read a normal book. And, like yourself, time is just not as available as it once was. Hang in there!

  20. I love the fact that you finished a book today! So did I. And that is why I didn't do a list. But I also loved that you were tired, willing to say you were tired, and end it there. Good for you.

  21. YAY to reading at night and finishing a book today! I started reading one just yesterday. I only got a few pages done but if I do that each day, maybe I'll finish by the end of the year! So relieved that your iPhone didn't die. Mine died on a trip in Tennessee and I panicked so much that my husband and I drove 45 minutes away so that I could replace it that same day. And I agree that there are too many school holidays. But it's wonderful that Sunny loves being in the car as much as you do! Great list Joy!

  22. I like your one about reading. .. I used to read a lot, but haven't had much time in the last year or so. I, too, am going to try to get better about it. I think it helps keep the brain sharp. ;)

    Autumn colors... you mentioned the word "enchanted" to describe them in your comment on my post.. I LOVE that. Totally enchanted. Perfect description. ;)

  23. What a great list, Joy! I am also thankful for a car that is working...this summer I was without my car for a week because hubby needed to drive it to work because HIS car wasn't working. Made me very appreciative.

    I am also a Hootie fan! I live in South Carolina (their home state) and Darius Rucker is spotted in our area often. He is a great guy.

    Congrats on finishing a book! I have about 3 going right now. I would like to get one finished! LOL!

    Hope you have a wonderful week and that you can get some needed rest! Those school holidays can really wear you out! ;-)

  24. Reading a book is a great one! I spend too much time reading on the internet instead, but do manage to read books sometimes too.
    It is so lovely to appreciate nature, how great that you feel that more as you get older. Autumn is not my favourite time of year (summer is) but I do so love the colours!


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