Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 40-41/2013

There is one thing this week that I am especially extremely thankful for, so it will be number one on my list! Of course there is more, so here goes.

1) I am ever so very thankful that Sunny was not ripped away from his teacher and out of his class!! Thank you to anyone who helped us in this matter. It would have been the worst. 

2) The song "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance. It might sound a bit lame at first but the chorus goes right into your head and does not get out there again. Love it!

3) Thankful that I already exchanged the duvets with our feather beds and put the snow tyres on my car. We had a significant temperature drop here and the first snow (not where I live though) with closed schools and roads and all the stuff that makes winter "fun".

4) Thankful for eye drops because my eyes feel scratchy somehow and I hope the drops will help me to get better soon.

5) Thankful for the appointment with our developmental paediatrician this week. It was rather uneventful which is not always a bad thing, taking into account that there are no new things to worry about. He also told me that it will be sufficient to have the next appointment in two years (instead of annual) which is fine for me because I do not really like those appointments. Not because of him but because of the circumstances.

6) Thankful for my friend who was there for me when I was bawling like a lunatic because of the school thing. She tried to come up with ideas to help and support me and she consoled me which was exactly what I needed. I am so glad that we met last year!

7) I am thankful for modern digital cameras and my iPhone because they both enable me to capture our everyday life and put the pictures into Sunny's communication journal. This helps him to remember and tell me about his past.

8) I am thankful that our SLP and the teacher are both so determined to teach Sunny on how to use the talker. We agreed to have a conference together in order to clarify the details and agree on the next steps. Love how good we all go together!

9) I am thankful for the new brown half-boots I bought recently. I am so in love with them! :-)

10) I am so thankful for my sofa because this is the place where I will crash as soon as this post is finished and scheduled. I really had a tough, exhausting week and now I just want to enjoy a glass of Hugo and watch a movie with Will Smith. The kitchen and the living room are quite a mess but I cannot be bothered to picking them up now. Not tonight (Friday). There is time to do that on Saturday morning.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. So happy things turned out alright with Sunny's school. We had an incident before school was starting where we thought my girls weren't going to get the pre-school teachers we had asked for. Thankfully it all worked out, but I remember being so very upset and it taking a lot out of me. So, I can relate a bit and happy to for a good ending here!! :)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh enjoy your relax on the sofa - sounds like you've really earned it this week. Can't BELIEVE what the school put you through! So glad it turned out alright.

    Love that you've got nice things going on as well though - camera and new boots sound great :)

  3. Glad that school worked out for Sunny! Oh, and I am always thankful for the sofa!

  4. whew! on the school stuff! That makes an emotionally tough week! It may sound kinda bizzare but I and my partner were both a bit minimalistic and I got my first sofa a few months ago. Why did I not do this before... even the dog loves it... maybe I should say ESPECIALLY the dog loves it!

  5. I hope you had a good night, Joy! Still so happy for all of you that the school situation was figured out in Sunny's best interest. You definitely deserve your Hugo ;-)

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  6. Glad that everything worked out on the school front. We just started kindergarten this year and it's stressful enough without what I can tell is the added stress that you have. So glad to know that it worked out.

    And yes - I too am looking forward to heading over to the couch soon for some mindless television. I don't quite get the "Will Smith" thing though. I suspect I will do the "Nashville" thing instead :)

  7. So glad Sunny gets to stay put. (I just went back and read about it.) So many things are wrong with that whole situation. But, it worked out in the end, and for that, we say thanks.
    I have yet to see anything Will Smith has done that I did not like. And I knew of him back when he was just a teen rapper. :)
    The thought of you putting snow tires on already makes me sad for you. Glad you got it done before the snow actually started falling in your neck of the woods, though.

  8. you know, i've wanted to do a thankful post since i read your very first! i'm beginning to think i'm not a very thankful person. that's just a sad and horrible realization! oh boy, i've got my work cut out for me. my goal for this week, is to find one thing each day for which i am thankful! fingers crossed!

  9. I'm glad it all got worked out with Sunny's teacher. Hey, Sunny's school! Don't try to fix things when they aren't broken!

    I love sweater and boot season! Just not snow to go with it. Fortunately, we don't get much here.

    You're watching a movie WITH Will Smith? HE'S SITTING THERE ON THE COUCH WITH YOU?! Just kidding. I know what you mean! Hope you enjoyed your evening and have a great week ahead.

  10. Sounds like you have earned that sofa time! School issues are always such energy suckers. And new shoes/boots tend to help matters greatly :)

  11. Joy - I only know too well about exhausting week. If you're not using the sofa, I'd love to! lol And, I do hope that Will Smith movie wasn't After Earth. I bought that the other day and both my wife and I were totally disappointed. Whoever wrote it must have had a robot brain for emotions. Decent action though. I'm listening to the video as I read the post and write this comment. Definitely different. Thanks for turning me on to it. Good post!

  12. I'm glad your son gets to stay with his teacher. What a scare that must have given you!

  13. Having been through a number of appointments with my son Riley, I can most definitely relate to being thankful for the "uneventful" ones. :)

    Sounds like you have a good SLP/teacher for Sunny. Glad things worked out for all of you.

  14. I missed a great TToT week. My life was too much too. Tucker's teacher is going for surgery (cancer) on Wednesday. I made her a book of all the familie's quotes and photos...and spent 20 hours and am so glad that I did, even though she doesn't know that I did it all alone! SO yeah. Sorry you had a bad week :(
    Me, too, in so many ways. Sending hugs and am so very glad that Sunny gets to stay with his teacher. <3


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