Friday, 6 September 2013

We could really do without this! :-(

This morning was our bi-annual check-up at Sunny's dentist. As usual, he was scared out of his mind (as he always is at any doctor) and in panic mode. Having to wait for 20 minutes made his panic even worse.

However, as much as he was scared and screaming, trying to wiggle away, and sweating, when I held him on my lap and asked him to open his mouth "like the crocodile" he obliged nevertheless, although he was still so so very scared. We had to ask him several times to act like the crocodile and every time I asked him he forced himself to do it. For me. Because I asked him. And although he was so afraid he did what I asked him to do. What a huge sacrifice, I am very aware of that. He must really love and trust me so very much. He is such a brave little boy and I love him endlessly. I am so proud.

The result of the appointment was not that pleasant. The dentist saw that Sunny's first permanent molars are about to break through. Apart from that he has not lost any of his milk teeth yet. And the worst thing about this news is that the dentist noticed that the first set of incisors will be breaking through shortly - in second line, behind his milk teeth line. Which means that his permanent incisors will not push out his milk teeth. Which means that we most likely will have to have his milk incisors pulled under general anaesthesia. Which just sucks. Plain and simply sucks. I am so frustrated. Can anything in his life go smoothly? My poor little boy.

I know it is not that big of a deal (however, general anaesthesia is always a big deal for me!) but I just wish that we were spared things like these. We always have so much to struggle with and to worry about that we could really need a break. Instead, even one of the most natural things like the exchange of teeth is a big deal and needs to be done by a doctor. It is just so unfair. :-(

The only thing positive about our appointment is that Sunny has perfect teeth and no caries at all and that he is very good at having his teeth cleaned (I showed a video to the dentist because she could not believe that Sunny would let me brush his teeth because he is always so scared when she sees him). She assured me that she has plenty of kids she had to pull permanent teeth because of caries so I should feel lucky that is not the case for Sunny. It was kind of a "it could be worse" comment and I know she meant well but it did not really make me feel better (although I am glad he has no caries!). But needing to have milk teeth pulled still sucks.


  1. It does suck. It sucks freaking spoiled eggs. I'm with you, can't Sunny get a break? And general anesthesia is scary for any kid let alone one who is already delayed and just starting to make progress. I am so sorry that you now have one more worry to add to your day.

  2. Oh Joy, I hear you, oh I hear you! I am sorry Sunny has to go through that and I hope everything goes well, hugs!

  3. I understand. My daughter will need dental surgery to pull some decayed teeth as well. She won't even open her mouth though so we're looking at anesthisia as well.


  4. I absolutely HATE the "It could be worse" comment. Do they think we don't know that? Do they think we don't see it all around us in life? But this (whatever life threw at us) is WAY worse than we ever expected. Hope all goes well.


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