Monday, 9 September 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 36/2013

It is late, I am tired and exhausted. The days are so busy that there simply is no time for blogging. These last days I have been stretched way too thinly. I am so much looking forward to next week. Sunny will be in school and my husband will be at work again. I will finally be able to take a deep breath, to live my own routine again and to take time for things when I want. I cannot wait for it (sorry guys!). 

These are last week's pics:

Sunny playing with his balls and his talker on the dishwasher door. :-)

It was Sunny's birthday last week!! Hooray!

My friend gave me a beautiful basket full of home-grown, delicious vegetables

Sunny and I spent the afternoon near the water, enjoying the warm breeze

The weather report states that summer is more or less over, so we had a final swim in my friend's pool. I will miss summer!

Good night, world!


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    1. Thank you Misty! Didn't you say a while back you wanted to do it, too? Would love to see yours!


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