Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 35/2013

We are back from Cologne and had some really cool days there! The drive there and back home again were smooth and quicker than expected, the traffic was perfect, and Sunny was such a good boy in the car.

Both of my blind dates turned out to be a success and I am happy that I got to meet some kind people that I had only know online so far in real life. 

I also consider our meeting with regard to the talker a success but I will write a separate blog post on that.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of last week.

Before we left for Cologne I tried a new recipe for a greek-style salad with tortellini. Okay, so tortellini are Italian and I do not know why the inventor of the salad combined the two but it was awesome!!

On the road

Taking a break for a piece of cake (cool, that rhymes!)

The airport was quite close so we saw planes take off and land almost every minute during our break

I booked a double room for Sunny and me...

... and we were given such a cool suite!

After Sunny's nap we went to the Kölner Dom (Cologne cathedral) with our internet blind date. The weather could have been a bit better since it was quite windy and cloudy but we were glad that it did not rain.

Big cathedrals like this just always leave me in complete awe of how they were built without any technical help hundreds of years ago. With nothing but the mere hands of the people.

It is impossible to capture the beauty of the cathedral windows on a photograph.

As the evening approached we decided to slowly start walking back to the hotel

The sheer size of the cathedral...

... the architecture...

... the details...

... it is all just beyond stunning.

On our way back to the hotel...

... we had to cross the Rhine...

... which we did on the famous Hohenzollernbrücke (Hohenzollern bridge). It is adorned by thousands and thousands of "love locks". Couples or families write their names, dates when they got married, when their kids were born, ... on the locks and hang them on the rail of the bridge. The keys are traditionally thrown into the river as a sign that this love will last forever because the lock cannot be opened any more.

I think all those colourful locks add a lot of beauty to the otherwise ugly railing and make the bridge even more beautiful. You could spend hours there reading all the things that are written on the locks.

The silhouettes of the Kölner Dom and the Hohenzollernbrücke. The light was gorgeous. I love this pic!

The remainder of my yummy dinner: Tarte Flambee (a kind of "French pizza" from Alsace made from a very thin layer of pastry topped with sour cream, chopped onions and bacon) with Parma ham and arugula

We returned to the cathedral on Sunday because Sunny absolutely loved the colourful windows and asked me frequently to visit "the church" again.

We lit a candle and sat down to pray for our loved ones. I had another special, touching, and beautiful encounter while we were here that I am planning on writing a separate post about.

I was able to spontaneously buy a lock at a souvenir shop and hang it on the Hohenzollernbrücke. What the other side of our lock reads will remain my secret ;-)
BTW, I kept both keys in memory of our time in Cologne and our lock at the bridge (apart from that I think that it is not very environmentally friendly and not good for all the fish to throw those keys into the river).

Sunday's dinner: Orechiette with lemon and mascarpone sauce, basil and king prawns. Sigh. Soo good!


  1. Your trip looks amazing. As do your recipes. Especially Sunny's dinner (does he eat that? So jealous!) because YUM. I can't wait to read about your beautiful encounter.

    1. Hahaha, that was funny! :-) No, Sunny does not eat those things since he does not chew properly (he might, however, try the pasta if I cut it into small enough pieces but I am not sure he would like the sauce). No, that was MY dinner! ;-) I must say that he almost only ate cake during our trip, he did not like his usual food that much.


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