Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 35-36/2013

Wow, this week rushed by so quickly! I blinked once or twice and it is time for our things to be thankful for again already!

We had a lot of things to do this week: appointments, dates with friends, ... we were busy every day and that made the week go by even quicker.

1) It was Sunny's birthday this week. Yes, my little boy turned six. I will forever be thankful for the day he came into my life and for the person he has become since then and will become in the future. He fills my heart like no one else and I love him so very much.

We had a very good time on his birthday and invited a friend and her daughter. The weather was beautiful, so we had cake in our garden and the kids played with Sunny's gazillion balls on the trampoline. All in all it was a beautifully, laid back day.

2) This afternoon after I wrote my post about our appointment with the dentist I really thought hard about whether there was anything about it to be thankful for. I must say that it is difficult for me to find anything positive about it. Maybe really that Sunny lets me clean his teeth quite thoroughly. But that's about it, sorry guys. :-/

3) I am thankful that the sun and the summer came back this week. To be honest, I already crossed summer off and prepared myself for fall, so this was a nice surprise.

4) I am very much looking forward to tomorrow because we will seize the nice weather and have a barbecue (I hear you, Clark - yes, I love barbecues! ;-) ), maybe the last one this summer.

5) This was the last full holiday week. We had a really good time this summer and did a lot of wonderful things. School officially starts for most kids on Monday but our official school enrolment will be next Thursday so we have three more days off before school starts for Sunny. I am still nervous, I admit it. And I still have so much to do until then....

6) I am thankful that our trip to Cologne was so cool and at the same time relaxing and exciting and that our AAC appointment was worth the trip. Now I have to implement the ideas into our daily routine which will be no easy task.

7) I LOVE Jennifer Lopez' song Again. I just recently somehow stumbled upon the song on one of my old samplers and fell in love with it immediately. It is just beautiful, romantic, and relaxing and makes me dance and sing along.

8) I invited a long-time friend for dinner in two weeks and I am already so much looking forward to that. We do not meet very often so it is always so good to see her and catch up. Yay!

9) Since I am quite tired I am actually really thankful for the comfy bed that awaits me upstairs.

10) My brain feels empty because I am tired (please refer to 9) so I am really thankful that I came up with 10 things tonight ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. it sounds like you week has been busy! I love wks like that, too. I love bbq's;) Hope your wknd is awesome. Happy belated bday to Sunny!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the week was quite busy, but in a good way! Have a great weekend, too!

  2. Well done you for getting through the list. I'm so glad your holiday was awesome, and your appointment gave you such positivity.

    SIX! Wow. That's an awesome age. Neff's gonna turn six soon, and I'm really looking forward to it.

    I'm so happy the sun came back for you. I'm not prepared for winter AT ALL and don't want the sun to leave!

    Rest well :)

    1. Thanks Lizzy! Oh, cool that your nephew is going to be six as well soon! It is a great age actually.

      Ugh, don't talk about winter, I am not even prepared for fall! :-/

    2. I sat up the other night and figured out a Winter Combat Plan, including a tanning booth session at least once a fortnight. HATE winter.

  3. Sounds like you've had a great week!

  4. Happy 6th Birthday to Sunny and I can relate to having felt amazed at the end of my post that I came up with 6 things this week, too. I was so tired and just had a rough week as well, but must admit it felt good to still come up with the good with my thankful things. Still is the perfect way to cap off the week!! Thanks for co-hosting as always!!

  5. I totally second the bed. I learned yesterday that our car seats have REALLY nice lumbar support, but nothing compared falling into bed after going all out on the run.

    Happy birthday to Sunny. I'm glad you all had a great birthday celebration for him and that you got to celebrate outside. Those birthdays are the best!

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. And if I don't get back to you earlier, all the best for Sunny's first day of school!

  6. I am always exceedingly thankful for my comfy bed. Glad i'm not the only one! I love dinners with friends- so fun to look forward to. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

  7. Happy birthday to Sunny. Six is so much fun. (I probably say that about every age, though.)
    I am not a fan of going to the dentist either. The only thing good about a dentist appointment is when it is finally over, you have six whole months before you have to go back. :)

    Have a great time at the BBQ. They are such a fun thing about summer.

    I would like to boycott winter this year. Think if we get enough people together, we can get winter to take a year off?

    Hope you get some good rest.

  8. happy birthday sunny....6, WOW! amazing.... Im sure your mom feels like it was yesterday! Congrats on all the things to be thankful for....

  9. I read your post about the AAC appointment. You've got your work cut out for you, but it seems it will be worth it in the end. Good luck with it, and enjoy your last few days of summer before Sunny goes back to school.

  10. Happy birthday to Sunny!

    Congratulations for getting a post out when you're tired. My brain shuts down at night; I seldom can write well when I'm tired. Your list made sense!

  11. I'm with Christine on the Dentist! it's so good when it's over!

    Birthday barbecues? what a great idea!

    yeah! no winter*

    *aka 'moving'

  12. Great list! So many wonderful things to be thankful for! Especially Sunny's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sunny! Glad it was such a lovely day!


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