Thursday, 26 September 2013

Snippets of our lives

I would like to post a short and quick update on some things so here goes.


After Sunny was having so much trouble breathing on Monday night I decided I better have our paediatrician check his lungs and she confirmed what I already knew: that he does indeed have bronchitis. Since I already started inhalation there was not much more I could do than just have him inhale frequently, tend to his fever, wait and help him figure it out. There was not much I could do apart from that because it is a viral infection. He has not returned to school yet but he seems to be pretty okay today so I think he can go tomorrow for one day before the weekend starts.


Sunny's teacher called us on Monday night. Remember that we were told he needed a 1:1 aide for school? Now, after a bit more than one week with his new teacher, she called to inform us that she is against him getting an aide. Why, you ask? Because she said she was astonished at how well he was doing at school, how well he was getting along and how he could do so much more than she expected him to be able to (and maybe was told, I do not know). She also said that she noticed how much he relies on helpers when they are there for him, meaning he tends to get a bit "lazy" in this case and rely on the helper to do things for him. She said that she fears his independence will suffer when he gets an aide for himself. She said that she always has helpers in class who will be there for him when he needs support but that she would like to go on trying without a 1:1 aide for him. We can always apply for one again should it become evident that he does need a 1:1 aide but for the time being she thinks it will be more beneficial for his independence to not have one.

I must say that that's okay for us and we will see how it all develops. Once again I am pleased at how this beautiful teacher gives my son the space he needs to develop and how much she dares him to be able to do. I feel that she sees so much potential in him and I am really happy about her attitude and her determination to foster him in the best way.


I have to thank my generous son for bestowing his cold on me. I feel quite bad, my nose is stuffed, my head is blocked, I am tired and flappy. Sharing is caring they say. Well, thank you for caring so much, my dear. ;-)


Once again I found out what a beautiful thing blogging is and how it brought so many great things and awesome people into my life.

After my last post two of my blogging besties, Kerri and Kristi, reached out to me by e-mail. They told me they were worried and asked if they could help me somehow. They offered to talk on the phone and told me to let them know if there was anything they could do. I was so grateful for that. It really meant the world to me. I cannot thank them enough for it.

Never, ever in my wildest dreams would I have believed that blogging can lead to such close connections with people I have never met, people that live half a world away from me. And still I feel that they honestly care about me and that they are really worried. Isn't this the best thing about blogging ever, this community that evolves? I am proud and honoured to call them my friends and not just some shallow acquaintances. And believe me, we Germans do not use the term "friend" lightly. ;-)

What I also want to address is that this is also the reason why blogging is putting a lot of pressure on me lately. I have a hard time to come to terms with the fact that I was a bad and unreliable blogger the last weeks. I hate that I haven't had the time to respond to comments since summer (!), that I could not connect with my blogging friends and, therefore, do not know what is going on their lives right now. I feel like a bad friend. I feel like there are friends constantly leaving flowers, candy, and presents on my doorstep, I take those gifts inside and do not say thank you for them. I feel ungrateful. This is not how I expect myself to be a blogger and be part of this community who showed me, once again, that blogging is more than just the words of a stranger on a computer screen. And this is why I feel I let everyone down with regard to my blog. I know a lot of you will say that there are more important things than blogging in life and they are right, but still. It feels wrong to me and puts me under pressure. I put myself under pressure.

So, I just want to say THANK YOU! For still hanging around here and reading my blog and leaving lovely comments, although right now I seem to be disconnected and ungrateful. Thank you for still following and allowing me to catch my breath before I can be the blogger I expect myself to be again.

And, once more, thank you so much for reaching out to me, Kristi and Kerri!!


  1. Adore you. And since Allie has shared her cold with me and I have a freaking wedding this weekend, let me say I feel your pain :)

  2. i, too, have been a seldom blogger lately....or all summer. i needed to take a break from writing and reading blogs. i'm the kind of person who needs to do something when i read about things, and in this "our land" of blogs, there's nothing for me to do. i thought i felt helpless in the beginning of dealing with developmental delay, but that was nothing like the feeling of helplessness i had after reading about other families in similar situations. so, guess i'm saying, just don't beat yourself up over skipping those replies on your blog, or skipping a post from time to time, or months at a time. just take some cold medicine and get a good nights sleep. tomorrow might be the day you write the most wonderful thing, or it might be the first day of a long absence from your blog. personally, because i love your photos, i would be happy to see a photo a day. like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! feel better soon!

  3. Poor Sunny! Hope his bronchitis passes quickly. I have one myself, and somehow feel that nothing actually progresses.

    It's so awesome that Sunny doesn't need the help of an 1:1 aid! What a great little guy! Congrats to all of you!

  4. Ah, Joy. I read this post on my phone (which I'm unable to comment on) and was like OH! My dear friend, please know that all of us feel the same way. It's so incredibly hard to keep up with blogging. I promise that even when I don't comment, that I'm keeping up with you and Sunny (because again, I get your post notifications on my phone and my phone does not let me comment) and that whatever you are doing is exactly what you're supposed to be doing.
    I think it's amazing that Sunny's teacher is saying he doesn't need a 1:1 aid. Tucker's teacher is telling me similar things about his PAC program and although it's scary and I'm doubtful, I am also so very grateful that she's looking out for him in ways that I'm not able to. I trust her. I'm so happy that you trust Sunny's teacher as well.
    You are a true friend. I'm sorry that life has been so crazy for you but you know what? It's supposed to be that way. Blogging is just blogging. Hope you and Sunny both feel better very soon.
    Hugs and love, to you my friend. And I mean "friend" in the German way. As in not bestowed upon many. Because you. I adore.


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