Monday, 16 September 2013

Freedom!! ;-)

The house is quiet. Sunny is in school. The husband is at work. A whole new day lies ahead of me.

So much time only for myself. I cannot wait to fill the day with catching up on EVERYTHING: the house, blogging, some office stuff, laundry, processing fruit from our garden... There are so many things that I was not able to accomplish and the last seven weeks were so busy.

I feel like I have been in a tornado of sorts. I wasn't able to blog, to check my e-mails or do anything like that. I haven't even managed to write my TToT post last week which is a shame. Don't get me started on checking anyone's blog lately. Especially the last three weeks have just been beyond busy. I am so much looking forward to slowly getting up to date again in the next days. Yay!!

See you soon in this small, treasured space of mine!

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