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The Week In Pictures: calendar week 31-32/2013

(This post was published on August 22, 2013 due to my holiday absence.)

I haven't taken many pics in week 31 before we left because I was quite busy preparing our trip.

Let's start the first part of this holiday recap with some impressions of our drive to Austria on Sunday. It took us more than seven hours again instead of five (like last time) and by the time we arrived we were both exhausted.

Awesome skies - I love cirrocumulus clouds! In German we call them "lamb clouds" because they look like little lambs! Love that expression! <3

Tunnels, making Sunny happy

Bavarian landscape

On Monday of week 32 we spent the day in Mondsee which is close to Salzburg. Sunny was still tired from the long drive and needed to nap urgently (which he only does in bed, nowhere else, which means that he neither does it in the car and neither did on our way to Austria...) so we decided to take it slowly and do some relaxing stuff in the morning, then return home in order for him to be able to sleep and then go out again in the afternoon. It was hot as hell while I was in Austria so we decided to go on a little boat trip and enjoy the cool breeze on the lake.

Doesn't the water just look awesomely turquoise?

A café on the lakefront

There were so many gorgeous houses on the lakefront...

.... with this villa being one of my favourites. Would love to go inside and see what it is like! I love the huge windows facing towards the lake. It must be awesome to live there!

The yacht club

Gotta love those beautiful houses...

... and the small summer houses with platforms directly above the water - you just can hop in!

After Sunny's nap we went "downtown" to the small town centre of Mondsee. It is a very picturesque place with lots of tourists frequenting the small streets. The street cafés in the pedestrian zone are very beautiful and invite to take a break for a cup of coffee or tea and some cream cake or, as it was so hot, sundae and a cold chocolate with ice.

Sunny fell completely in love with the facade of this café and dragged me in front of it as often as he could. Then he jumped up and down and squeaked and laughed with delight because he was so excited and loved it so much. <3

Once again, the famous church from the movie "The Sound of Music" where Maria and Kapitän von Trapp got married

Taking a glance into one of the small streets

I found a heart-shaped leaf and just had to take a picture of it

We caught the last rays of the setting sun before it disappeared behind the houses

The next day was reserved for our trip to Salzburg. We checked the weather forecast in advance in order to decide about the best day for Salzburg and our day at the swimming lake. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was not very precise, so we almost melted in the heat in Salzburg because we chose the wrong day. On the other hand, the next day at the swimming lake started off rather cool. :-/

Some impressions on our way to the city centre of Salzburg:

The famous "Getreidegasse" with beautifully crafted, antique shop signs hanging above the small alley.

The broadest part of the alley measures about 10 metres, the narrowest only a few metres

Even McDonald's has a beautiful sign that fits perfectly into the alley

The Getreidegasse is also where Mozart's birthplace is. The sign reads "Mozart's Birthplace / Mozart Museum. Wolfgang Amadé Mozart was born in this house on January 27, 1756."

Beautiful architecture everywhere

The omnipresent cabs or, as they are called in Austria, "Fiaker"

The "Salzburger Dom" (Salzburg cathedral)

The Festung (fortress) Hohensalzburg which we were going to visit next

A small mountain railway took us up there

The awesome view across Salzburg, the Salzburger Dom and the Salzach river

Salzburg is surrounded by mountains

Some impressions of the Festung

In the courtyard of the Festung

Back at the cathedral again

An old street sign reading "Residenzplatz"

An old pharmacy from the outside...

.. and inside, displaying those beautiful old containers where the medicine used to be stored in.

Crossing the Salzach river on the way to our lunch break

If you like historic buildings, Salzburg is surely worth visiting!

After the kids soaked themselves completely in a nearby fountain (I have to say that not much of me stayed dry either because Sunny dragged me in there frequently) we had something to eat.
The beverages were served in style; I had delicious elder syrup spritzer.

As it got really hot in the afternoon we decided to return to the car slowly and drive home after lunch...

... but before we left I bought some original Mozartkugeln (chocolate-covered rum truffles with marzipan) for my husband (and some for me ;-) ). A must when you visit Salzburg!

We spent the last day of my trip at the swimming lake where I did not really take many pictures because we were busy enjoying ourselves. The day started off rather cool, as you can see in the picture, but as the day commenced it got warmer and warmer and by afternoon it was quite hot so swimming and going down the slides with Sunny multiple times was really a refreshing relief!

The next day we left for my hometown in order to stay with my parents and meet family and friends. I will have a separate post for that to come shortly.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of Austria!

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  1. Love all the pictures! The Mondsee just looks beautiful, maybe I'll have to take a trip to Austria some time after all... The heart-shaped leaf was so beautiful, thanks for snapping it! We had an old pharmacy like that in Erlangen, found it by accident when trying to get teething globuli for Violet. Unfortunately, it closed down a few months ago :-(


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