Friday, 23 August 2013

The letter

I am sure most of you have read this horrifying letter as it is making its rounds on social media. This letter is shocking, disgusting, and appalling. Not only is it cruel because the mother of a child with autism is requested to lock her autistic son inside in order to not disturb the neighbourhood with his "dreadful noises". It gets much worse. How can anyone who claims to be a mother have thoughts like these? It is beyond me how anyone can suggest to another mother euthanising her child just because it does not behave the way someone expects it to?!

This subject is an especially soft spot for me because this, the very thing this mother suggests to another mother (!), was done in our country more than 60 years ago. People with disabilities were murdered because they did not live up to the standards of the perfect society that was planned to be created. When I read historic documents about that time my stomach turns and makes me feel sick. The cruelty of it leaves me speechless. How the weakest of our society were precisely killed, murdered, destroyed in a perfectly organised way is something I will never, ever, ever even grasp to comprehend because it is incomprehensible. How do the minds of these people work? Are they emotionless monsters? I will fail to understand this my whole life.

I think of my beautiful child and I know that he would have been one of them. Just to think about that for even a split second gives me chills of despair and pain. How is it possible to hurt and kill the most innocent of society? How is it possible to hurt and kill anyone at all?

It happened more than 60 years ago. You would think that society has learned from the past and from the cruelty that happened. The utter, sheer cruelty that it is just impossible to wrap your head around because it is just completely off the charts. We claim to be a modern, open-minded society. Almost 70 years is a long time. Yet today there are still people out there who think this is a valid reaction and way to get "rid of the problem". There are people bringing up kids, planting their sick views and beliefs in the minds of their kids, raising another generation to find this a normal way of "dealing with it". When will this stop?

Today, I am disgusted at our society.


  1. It is sickening, isn't it. How even today in this 'evolved' age we still discriminate and hide. It breaks my heart to think of Boo as some one who may have been institutionalized or worse not given the life saving care she needed at birth because she may not have been worth it.

    But, my dear friend, we are making a difference. As we spread the word and we show our children off so proudly.

  2. This letter is definitely horrible. Beyond horrible. There are not enough horrible adjectives to describe it.

    That said... I truly believe those opinions are far off the charts and in the minority.

    Yes, we live in a society that judges, ranks, and marginalizes the "less than" in many ways. And yet, I witness compassion, support, and welcoming behaviors nearly every day with my 17 yo with moderate cerebral palsy. Although it is difficult to focus on the positive interactions/experiences, as the leading edge of parents of special needs children, we must set a good example, bolding lead, and blaze a positive trail for the generations to come.

    Stay positive fellow mom!

  3. I almost posted about this too. But I just couldn't. Didn't know what to say that hadn't been said and it makes me sad and lonely and horrified and sof#####G angry. That noise? That the boy makes on the trampoline? It's the exact same noise that Tucker makes when he's tired and happy and tired and in his own world. I hate this.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is downright disgusting! If someone should move to a trailer in the woods, it's this dispicable woman! There, she can rant as much as she wants to and is not disturbed by anything!

    Our niece is autistic, and she'S just the sweetest girl. I know that there are many different levels of autism; this boy seems to have a less "funtioning" form as Tinkabella (as she's been nicknamed by Lily) has, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't enjoy his life and is the joy in his family's life. He has any right in the world to be out there, and if this person doesn't like it, well, sound-proof your home!

    Historic cruelties like the ones you describe in your post have happened all over the world, where "useless" life was destroyed to "improve" society, to "save resources", or whatever other reason. But I truly believe that society as a whole is not as it has been back then. I am not disgusted at society, I am disgusted that there are still ignorant idiots like this woman, who have not an ounce of tolerance, acceptance, and love in her body; I truly feel sorry for her kids, who are raised by such an hateful, stuck-up person. What makes me wonder is what she would have done if she had a disabled kid. With a disability that cannot be diagnosed before birth, otherwise I bet she'd have an abortion without thinking twice.

    My most heartfelt feelings are with this family, and all families with disabled kids, whose children are clearly targeted by this hateful piece of crap. The fact that she did not dare signing it with her name shows how degenerate her character is. I so hope that they can identify her and that she is being sentenced for a hate crime.

    Hugs to you, Joy!

  5. Wow, it's horrific. I had not seen this leter before, but as a person who would've been left to die as an infant had care standards that are now in place been in place 30 years ago, this sickens me. Unforutnately, I have in fact heard comments like these from my own family; not directed at me, but at other disabled people.


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