Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 30-31/2013

Tomorrow morning we are headed to my friend in Austria and I cannot wait to get there! I will take many pics to share them with you.

And now: Let's get ready to rumble! :-)

1) I am thankful for my wonderful friend who invited me to visit her again this year and who is going to make us feel like being home. I know that because we visited he last year already and always felt welcome, cherished, completely spoiled and perfectly taken care of.

2) I am thankful for my great, awesome blogging friends. When I asked them last week at short notice if they would like to guest post on my blog to fill in the gap while we are away they all said yes immediately. They all sent me beautiful posts and I am happy and proud to have them in my space for my 2013 Holiday Edition starting next week.

3) I am thankful that Sunny is such a happy kid. He laughs so often and is rarely in a bad or cranky mood. It is the best thing in the world to hear his contagious giggles and laughs. They melt my heart!

4) I am thankful for the inflatable pool we put up in our garden last Saturday. It was the only way to survive the monstrous heat that struck us. We spent a large part of the day in the pool and the only thing we missed was the cocktail with the drink umbrella in it. To say that Sunny was completely over the moon about it would be an understatement.

5) I am thankful that the first two holiday weeks are over and that we had a good time. Although the weather was bad at the beginning of the week with frequent downpours we still had a lot of fun together.

6) Thankful for Sade's "Stronger Than Pride". The sound is so smooth, I love her slightly smoky voice and she has the perfect tone pitch for me to sing along. Apart from that she sings very clearly so that it is possible to understand the lyrics. I really dislike songs that cannot be understood, regardless of the language. Sadly, I only found a live version. I like the album version better.

7) I am looking forward to an appointment I made with regard to Sunny's talker. I need some more input and help to teach him how to use it and I really have high hopes that the appointment will give me more insight and ideas on how to handle that. This means that we will be doing another trip to Cologne during the summer holiday.

8) I am happy about my new project because I hope it will finally help me to get my wardrobes organised. I have three rather small wardrobes on two different floors and, therefore, totally lack an overview of my clothes. That means that I stand in front of my wardrobe very often in the morning with a lot of "nothing to wear". In order to sort this out I started to take pictures of all my clothes. I also started a new and private blog (only visible for me) where I will put the pictures in categories. I hope that this will help me to get more organised with my clothing!

9) We had a good appointment at Sunny's ophthalmologist because Sunny needs new glasses. I am glad to say that his sight has improved a little bit. So far it only got worse with each appointment where his eyes were measured and now I hope this stopped. Our next appointment will be in about four months were we will look into a possible strabismus surgery. Ugh. This is the part I am not so thankful for.

10) I am SO thankful that I am obviously still attractive enough to have a car flirt ;-) although I have a kid. When we drove home from the ophthalmologist there was this guy in the car next to me and he always smiled when he saw me and bent over in his car to wave to me. He slowed his pace to drive next to me and when I was faster he caught up on me... it was really funny and actually quite good for my self-confidence ;-) (I guess it helped that I wore my sunglasses because that guy could not see the dark circles around my eyes *lol*. Otherwise he would have probably just driven by).

10 + 1) I met a former colleague this week and we went to a swimming lake with her and Sunny. We had a really nice day together and I enjoyed chatting away with her so much! She also treats Sunny with so much kindness and love that it makes my heart leap every time we meet her.

I will probably not be able to get back to you within the next days because today is reserved for packing our stuff and I will be more or less offline during my trip, at least for the time while I stay with my friend. Sorry for that! However, I will approve comments regularly from my phone. I thought about switching the moderation device off while I am away but I do not feel comfortable with it.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Ahhh a lovely holiday edition from you. I hope you have the most marvellous, relaxing time in the world and come back feeling refreshed and invigorated.

    The swimming lake sounds almost as awesome as your weekend in the pool! What fun you're having.

    Looking forward to your guest posts ;)

  2. Hi, hope you have a wonderful holiday or vacation as we call it in the states. My daughter has shortened it to vacay. :) I will read your guests' posts next week.

  3. Hurray for songs in the perfect sing-along range, and for understandable lyrics! Some lyrics (like "Louie, Louie," for example) are so unintelligible.

    Have fun in Austria!

  4. Ah, so Joy enjoys a good "flirt" now and then! lol It is good for the ego, isn't it? One of those simple things, yet necessary things to make one feel good about themselves. I'm so naive at times I don't even realize it happens until it's over and I think, "What did she say to me?" It is nice to know one still has it, even if most don't recognize it! lol Sade is a fav of mine, too. Good Post!

  5. It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer holiday! Good luck getting everything packed, then have a smashing good time with your friend.

    Those little pools were a lifesaver when my big kids were little.

    Good news that his eyes were better! We'll just ignore the surgery bit for now. Celebrate the good today.

    And look at you...still got it. Can't say anyone flirts with me when I drive. I don't know if it's me or the ginormous van I drive that turns them off, but I'm going to say the van, just to make me feel better. :)

    Safe travels!

  6. Sounded like a great week and I know what you mean about a good flirt every once in a while. I actually got carded for one drink last night at TGIF's and the waiter was definitely flirting a bit. Always helps boost one's self esteem. Thanks as always for co-hosting and hope you enjoy your vacation now!! :)

  7. I totally get Item #8!

    lol I find the same challenge, well more along the lines of, "ok today's fashion theme is 'not brown'... so: a) how light a brown can I get away with the socks before it looks like I'm dressed for the gym and b) if the green is dark enough..that counts as brown..right?

  8. Pop up pools are the best... not exactly easy to use when you live in a flat though.. lol!!!!

  9. Such great news to hear about Sunny's eyesight improving! That is a definite thing to be thankful for. Well, of course they all are!

    I love that you included a song...not just a singer but a specific song. Music has an amazing affect on me so I always enjoying hearing about others who are moved by it as well. :)

  10. I am delighted for the time you are about to spend away, and to read about good things that have been going on. It is wonderful that Sunny has a personality that makes life so much brighter for both of you, smiles make everything better! And definite YAY on the car flirt, every woman needs a little reminder that she has attractive qualities! :-)

  11. I hope you're having a wonderful trip with your friend! I can't wait to hear all about it. I love that you recently experienced a car flirt - little things like that go such a long way to making us moms feel like "yeah, I've still got it!" (and you totally do)
    I'm glad that Sunny's eyesight is improving and really hope that he won't need that surgery.
    Look forward to catching up with you when your back and of course reading all of the fun posts that come up while you're gone. Take lots of photos on your trip!

  12. Glad you got in your list before taking off on your vacation. I hope it's a ton of fun! Should be interesting to see the guest posts. A week notice, though?! Oh My Nuts, I would have been screwed lol I think I missed the "call" and probably a good thing. I need like a month to write 500 words >.<

    It's good to hear about your son's eyesight, but I have no idea what that surgery is. If involving the eye, I can't say I am a fan... that stuff freaks me right out!

    It's a good thing your future's so bright, otherwise your flirt friend may have sped off in fear ;-) Though, I never seem to see the dark circles many talk about having when they have them...

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  13. #8 - great idea! I only have ONE closet, and I stand in it every morning, looking around and thinking I have nothing to wear.

    #10 - I had a guy wave to me from his truck as I was getting in my car in a store parking lot last week. I announced to my daughter that "I still have it" as I got inside and she crushed me by saying, "He was probably waving to me, not you."


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