Friday, 2 August 2013

Shaking the head, kisses, books, and Christmas

It is time for another inchstones post on Sunny's development and things that he does now.

1) Some weeks ago he said "no" by shaking his head for the first time. Sunny has been saying "ja" (which means "yes") for a very long time now and while he only said "yes" when he meant "yes" he moved on to responding "yes" to every question we pose. I guess he thinks that he has to respond to questions with "yes" in general which makes it hard to find out if he means yes or if he just responds with what he thinks is expected of him. However, some weeks ago my husband read a book during our bedtime routine and when he was finished he asked Sunny if he was going to bed now, to which Sunny shook his head and pointed to the book which meant "don't want to go to bed yet, please read some more". I was so excited about that! We still have to practice the shaking of the head a lot because he rarely does it, but at least it was a start.

2) At the end of one of our latest speech therapy sessions the therapist asked Sunny to say goodbye to her. He approached her and gave her a kiss. Knowing that he normally refrains from getting too close to strangers I found that so cute and it also shows how much he likes her.

3) Among the books my husband reads during our bedtime routine there is one we read every night. It is a book with only a few illustrations but a lot of text. We obviously read it so often to him that he is able to tell us (with his signs or sounds) what comes next in the book - two or three sentences in advance! He obviously knows most of the stories by heart and he does it voluntarily without us asking him to do it. I am always in awe at how good his memory is.

4) We are in Christmas mode already. Yes, you read that right. After a break of roughly four months Sunny remembered his Christmas music and wants to listen to it ALL DAY since last Sunday. It happened all of all sudden, I cannot tell you how it came to his mind. It was completely out of the blue. I made a big mistake and told him that I have the music in the car, too, when he asked me about that... What also came back with the music was his desire to snuggle up on my arm as close as even possible and being rocked back and forth to the music. I enjoy it so much, but I notice that he gained some weight since April. He also wants me to switch on the Christmas tree lights (I hung them on a beam in our dining room after I took down the Christmas tree and haven't removed them ever since... oh well) and his face lights up with delight when I do it. Again, I am completely baffled by his good memory because he still recalls all the songs and the words sung after a break of four months and told me what they are going to sing next when he heard the CD for the first time again. He knows the stories and is able to explain them to me before the words are sung. Wow.

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  1. Awesome! Good job, Sunny! And to be honest, I'm ready for fall, and already got some Christmas presents ;-)


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