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2013 Holiday Edition: What NOT to do when travelling with children

This is the final post of my guest post series "2013 Holiday Edition" where my fellow blogging friends help me to fill the space in this place until I get back from my holiday trip. The next in line is Stephanie of Life, Unexpectedly. She chronicles her life with her two gorgeous girls, Lily and Violet, and her husband Richard with all the ups and downs that occur in the lives of everyone.

Stephanie's blog is a fairly new find on my list and I must say that I enjoyed reading it immediately. When I read that she had missed German food I contacted her and offered to get her whatever she was craving for. She answered that she was in Germany and so I sent her an e-mail inquiring where about she was. We exchanged two or three e-mails in English until I jokingly asked her how good her German was. This is when she told me that she was actually German! I love this funny little anecdote because neither of us had figured out that the other one was German, too! Tee hee!

I am really glad that she said yes when I asked her to do a guest post. 


What NOT to do when travelling with children

Travelling with children can be fun, but also a lot of things can go awry. Here are my Top Three of things to keep in mind when travelling with little ones.

3. Airplane Seating
If possible, get seats right behind the toilets. There is more foot space, baby beds are available to be attached to the walls for the VERY little ones, and – hooray – the bathrooms are right there, if the kids “have to go” for the 100th time in an hour. Believe me, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the two middle seats in the middle isle for 11 hours with a screaming lap baby, who has absolutely no space to move or play.

2. Mind the Bunny
Always and under all circumstances double and triple check at all times if all stuffed animals are really packed. White hotel room sheets, a white bunny, and still half-asleep mommies are not a good combination. Last year, Lily noticed shortly after arriving at the airport that her Bunny was missing. I didn’t remember packing it, hubby didn’t remember packing it – oh crap. We had a happy ending because I just caught our friend, who has taken us to the airport driving away and begged her to return to the hotel to check if Bunny was there. In the meantime, we were busy calming down a very distraught Lily, who was crying for her Bunny. I was already mentally preparing myself buying her whatever stuffed animal she wanted at the airport store, in case our friend could not find the bunny, would not be let into the hotel room, or didn’t make it back to the airport in time. But for once, we were lucky and Lily happily re-united with Bunny. We had another little melt-down when she had to separate from Bunny for him to be x-rayed during the luggage check, but I cannot imagine the drama we would have had if she had to be without her best friend Bunny for a few weeks.

1. Apple Juice is the Devil
Never, under any circumstances, allow your child to order a can of apple juice and drink it within 5 minutes. I know they are thirsty, more so up there than on the ground, but do yourself a favor and convince them to drink orange juice or water. During one of our flight, both the girls ordered and gulped up a can of apple juice quicker than we could react. The explosive diarrhea that followed was not fun. We went through half of the diapers and both extra-outfits I had brought for Violet within 15 minutes; I was about to panic. And Lily was not a happy camper either, being somewhat freaked out by what was happening to her. Cleaning up the mess in the tiny plane bathroom was not fun either, believe me.

It is also often helpful to bring a shirt or two along for yourself, because spills will happen (I remember a portion of spaghetti on my lap…). Pack a few new toys or books, which will keep them occupied and definitely get headphones for the on-board movies or a portable DVD-player for longer road trips, and even the longest journey should be somewhat enjoyable for everyone.


Thank you so much for taking the time to guest post here, Stephanie! I hope you will enjoy your holidays with your family!

I am sure you all enjoyed her post so please visit Stephanie's blog for more of her awesomeness!


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