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2013 Holiday Edition: Blog to Book

I am happy to feature Alana of Lightly Salted on my blog today! Alana is so many things: a blogger, published author, mother, and pastor's wife. On her blog she posts about writing, literature, parenthood, special needs, faith ... and just about anything else that comes to her mind.

My first virtual encounter with Alana was on her other blog, A Boy Named Silas, where she shares the struggles and achievements of her life with her son Silas. I was drawn to her writing and her blog immediately and I found out quickly that we have many things in common. Alana is a very kind person who always finds the right things to say (or write, to be precise). I am always happy to find one of her lovely comments on my blog. While she is right in the process of writing another book right now and planned on taking care of her wrists this week she jumped the chance immediately when I asked if she wanted to be a guest poster here because she is awesome like that.


Blog to book

     When I first started blogging the account of my son's complicated medical history, I was writing therapeutically. In other words, I was writing to help myself sort out all the emotions I went through when the doctor rushed my breathless, floppy, purple son out of the delivery room and started screaming down the hall.

     I wasn't writing to get a bunch of blog traffic. I wasn't hoping to have a bestseller. I just needed to process Silas' birth event, especially since at the time I started blogging I was pregnant again and was terrified of something else horrific happening after the delivery.

     I spent a good year and a half just blogging for family and friends who saw my posts on Facebook. I didn't really need a bigger audience than that. These were the ones who had known Silas and prayed for him since the day of his birth.

     Fast-forward several years. Silas was about to turn five. His progress had astounded everyone: family, friends, and medical professionals alike. The story of the purple floppy newborn who grew into a vivacious, silly five year-old had to be told.

     When I turned Silas' story into book format, it felt like the culmination of five years of arduous labor. And really, it was. So many things went through my head during Silas' first year that I almost knew I'd have to write a book about it one day. But my life was too busy at the time with therapy appointments, doctor visits, and the occasional trip to the hospital to even think about writing.

     I know others have been blessed by Silas' story (because they've told me). My little memoir has gotten the reputation for the book that makes people cry. I'm thrilled that Silas' story has blessed and encouraged others. But you know what? I probably benefited more from printing my memoir than anybody else. By writing about the fear and trauma we went through during Silas' first years, I was able to find a healing and peace I wasn't sure I'd ever recover again after Silas' birth.

     As a quick aside, the other real benefit from being able to share Silas' story is the way it's opened doors for me to communicate with other special needs mamas like Joy, whom I'd like to thank for letting me share this guest post.

If you would like more information about the Boy Named Silas book or ebook, you can check out my amazon author page.


Thank you so much, Alana, for taking the time to guest post here although you are busy with your book and your ankles need a break. I love that you still did it! It means a lot to me!

If you want to read more of Alana, please head over to her blog or buy her book to learn about the story of Silas!

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