Monday, 15 July 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 28/2013

We had a pretty eventful week last week. It was full of exhausting work and beautiful getaways.

Have a great start into a new week! :-)

The week started with some heavy work: we un- and recovered a complete roof

Music therapy took place in the garden this week which was just lovely!

We went to an amusement park and had such a blast together that we might go again this week!
I also discovered a cool app where you can share your pics (to Facebook, Twitter, ...) together with your location, the weather at your current place, a time stamp.... There are different skins to choose from. It is called InstaWeatherPro.

Sunny going down the slides a gazillion times

Much-needed cooling for my hot feet in the park. The weather was perfect!

I love our beautiful, tall trees so much! Their shade is so generous.

The first cherries from our garden. Just plain delicious!


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! The un- and re-covering of the roof sounds like quite some work! Enjoy your cherries ;-)

    1. You are right about the roof! And I am so impressed because my husband did most of it all by himself! Wow!

      The cherries were sooo delicious!

  2. Joy,
    Thanks for visiting me during the 5 Minute Friday write. I always love snapshot posts!

    1. You are welcome! And thank you, too!

  3. Aw music therapy in the garden! So lovely!

    1. We did it again yesterday. It is just too humid inside at the moment.


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