Sunday, 7 July 2013

Recipe: Summer punch

I promised to post the recipe for the delicious drink I was thankful for last night and I want to keep that promise.

Summer punch

Ingredients (serves 1 person)

- 200 ml sparkling wine
- 2 cl Aperol
- Any fruit or berry you like (I often drink it with peaches, nectarines (which is shown on the picture above) or strawberries)


Chop the fruits into small pieces and put them into a large glass.

Pour the cooled sparkling wine and the Aperol on top of the fruit. If you want to add ice you are free to do so. Stir gently.

Drink with a straw and a large spoon.



  1. Looks gorgeous. I might have to try it soon :)

    1. It is gorgeous, you should give it a try! Let me know how you liked it!

  2. I would have totally bet money that those were apple chunks! Gah! I would have lost lol Thanks for sharing. It certainly looked refreshing and something to be thankful for after a hard day.

    Hmm, I honestly can't recall if I've had nectarine. That is going to bug me >.<

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. It is just delicious. Personally I prefer nectarines because their skin is not as hairy as the skin of peaches but the taste is the same.


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