Monday, 24 June 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 25/2013

I am slowly catching up on my blog. That feels good. I also posted my week in pictures of week 24 ex post yesterday night.

This was the hottest week we had this summer so far with temperatures up to 36 °C for days - almost unbearable to me. Everything hotter than 28 °C is out of my comfort zone. I could not live in a tropical climate with constant temperatures like that and, even worse, a high humidity on top. Sunny's room was still about 28 °C hot although I had the AC running in his room for hours. But since the air was pretty dry due to the AC it was better than in our bedroom which is why I slept in Sunny's room. My husband was away for a few days so he did not miss me.

By the end of the week the temperatures finally dropped which made me sigh from relief.

Here's to hoping the new week will not be too stressful for anyone! I hope it will be better than my last week. 

On Monday we tried to cool ourselves down in our tiny wading pool. It helped a bit.

On Tuesday we went swimming twice. I was allowed to attend the swimming lesson of Sunny's kindergarten which was so great to witness. In the afternoon we visited a friend who has an own pool in her garden (something very uncommon here!). We enjoyed that day and the cooling down so much! I could not take a picture of either event so I googled for one because I wanted to include it in my wrap-up.
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I was busy with preparing and trial and error for the presents I will give to Sunny's kindergarten teachers. I am really content with the outcome and look forward to handing it over to them (we still have four more weeks until the summer holidays start). More on that with instructions as soon as everything is finished.

Sunny really loves my strawberry cake. He eats like a champ!

This is one of my favourite summer dishes when it is really hot outside. I will share the recipe (which is so easy, quick to prepare and so delicous) tomorrow.

I prepared some fruit puree from plums of your garden out of the freezer. I need to empty it because we will have a lot of plums, cherries and other fruit this year again. Sunny always eats some fruit puree for dinner and I freeze it in ice cube trays so that we have small servings that can be defrosted individually.

Only one chocolate cake comfit left.... so delicious! This is a new find from our supermarket. Have to go and buy some more! ;-)


  1. Everything looks delicious! I still don't know what to give Sophia's teachers and therapists. Her 1 on 1 is leaving at the end of the summer and I want to give her something really good. Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

    1. Maybe you find some inspiration here:

      I am always collecting new ideas on my blog, so if you come up with something new, please let me know! :-)

  2. Yum - I would love that pasta recipe, Joy. And the strawberry cake looks delicious too. Stay cool and have a great week!

    1. Come back tomorrow for the recipe, the post is already scheduled! :-)

      The temperatures have dropped significantly, so I will not be endangered to suffer a heat stroke this week! ;-) Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week too!


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