Monday, 17 June 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 24/2013

(This post was published on June 23 because I haven't found the time to do it sooner. However, I still wanted to make sure it appears on the blog in the right place.)

In retrospect this was a pretty uneventful week, so there are only few pictures. But I do not want to leave out a week, if possible.

Aaaah, Milano cookies! They are my most favourite cookies ever. I bought them last year in bulks until our supermarket took them out of their stocks. I was so sad. This week it finally dawned on me that I could try to buy them online and I found a supplier. I bought 10 packages at once and since then I cannot stop eating!! They make me so happy!

Is there anything better than fresh bread? I simply love it. My favourite bread has a crunchy crust and is soft inside.

Plain and simple strawberries. Pure delight!

We finally had bright blue skies on the weekend. It rained almost all week.

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