Monday, 3 June 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 22/2013

This weekend was pretty rough for a lot of areas in our country because large parts were flooded for days and some are still fighting with the water masses.

It was raining almost the whole week which limited us to the house almost all of the time.

Apart from that it was the second week of Sunny's kindergarten holidays and now he is back in kindergarten. I am sure that his usual routine will be good for him and I also hope he will sleep better again soon. This morning, however, he was not happy to go which was the first time ever because normally he loves kindergarten so much. That made me really sad.

A grainfield after the rain

Our first strawberry cake of the season, made for the visit of my friend and her son

As soon as the weather allowed it we went outside to play

We watched the last part of the Hangover trilogy
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The second cake this week; it was the first time ever that I made two cakes in one week. This one is a egg liqueur cake.

Über delicious Marengo chicken for lunch

It is just unbelievable that Sunny still has to wear his winter cap in June!!


  1. I love your week in pictures! And I think you should start sharing your recipes with us!

    1. Thanks Misty! I think you are one of the few who love my week in pictures because there are usually hardly any comments on these posts (apart from Kristi or Kerry, sometimes they comment, too).
      And yeah, if you are interested I will be glad to share my recipes. Just let me know. It would be a challenge to translate them (one that I would tackle if you or anyone cared for any of them). :-)

    2. Yes! Please share those dessert recipes! I'll do the conversion just share the yummy recipe!

  2. Oh, those cakes look divine! I'm gaining weight just looking at them! We're finally getting rain, too. Not too much, though. Everything's looking green and nice. I love Edmonton in the summer!


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