Thursday, 13 June 2013

The road to acceptance

There are moments in my life when I feel that I am on the road to acceptance and when everything is okay.

Yesterday, on our way to our osteopathy session, we saw one of the buses that take Sunny to kindergarten. I saw it and my first feeling was some kind of homey feeling. Seeing the bus felt so familiar to me and it was not weird or awkard but just part of our world. And it felt good in a strange way that I cannot explain.

Today I was at Sunny's school in order to observe a fourth grade class. I wanted to see what school is like compared to kindergarten and was allowed to attend the tuition this morning. It was a bit difficult for me to compare the kids and the class in general with the one Sunny will attend because the kids were so much older than he is but it was still a good experience. What touched me the most was the compassion of the teacher. They started with morning circle time and each kid was welcomed personally with a song and a hand shake. Then they talked about the date and when it was the turn of a severely handicapped child who could not walk and was non-verbal, the teacher sat down right in front of him, held both of his hands and told him the date and what day it was. And then she told him that she was so very happy that he was there today in such a loving way and with such loving gestures that I welled up because I was so touched (and because I cry for the least reason. The kids were quite disturbed when they saw me wiping tears from my eyes...). Anyway, I was impressed that some of them were really quite good at reading and even at summations in maths. The teacher told me that this was exceptional. She also asked me some questions about Sunny and made kind remarks about the things I told her. She knows him from the time when they are outside for recess and the aide of the severely handicapped child told me that she had assisted in kindergarten several times, that she was so impressed with Sunny's book "reading" skills and that he was such a wonderful and cute child. 

I spent the morning break with Sunny who was very surprised, delighted, and happy to see me there so unexpectedly.

I also had a good talk with the teacher before lunch break where she asked me what I expected from school and told me some things I did not know yet.

I feel that I am on my way. I have been on my way for a few years now and although there will be many more bumps along the road and there will be times that the road will get so winding that I will have a hard time staying on track I know that I am on my way and that it will get better and better as I move on. 


  1. I hear you. You are not alone in this. You'll get there.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! :-)

  2. I also have a child with a developmental delay and no diagnosis. My son is 7 and will enter 1st grade next year and finding the right school and classroom for him has been a long and sometimes frustrating journey. When I read your description of the teacher talking to the child with severe disabilities and nonverbal (my son is nonverbal), I just sobbed and sobbed. Those students are so blessed to have a teacher like the one you described. I also can completely understand your post about acceptance and how sometimes it feels like everything is okay and other times, it's just so hard. Thank you for sharing!


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