Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I've got the power!

At the beginning of last week's yoga class one of the participants had a question and the teacher started talking about yoga: what it means, what it is supposed to do and not to do, stuff like that. She digressed a bit from yoga itself but gave away some really interesting insights.

At some point she told us how thoughts influence our body directly and she wanted to prove it with a little experiment. When she asked around who wanted to do it I said yes.

She asked me to get up and stand in front of her. Then she requested me to close my eyes.

First she asked me to think of a negative experience. She asked me to really go deep inside and not only think about it but actually feel it. Get in the swirl of emotions connected to the experience. As soon as I was feeling those negative emotions I had to stretch out my right arm to my right side on shoulder height in order to signal her that I was ready.

I knew immediately where I would go. I thought about our first days in the hospital after Sunny was born. I felt the pain, the fear, the frustration, the feeling of despair and sadness that I felt back then. When I was in the middle of all this negativity I raised my arm. She tried to push it down and could do it almost effortless. I felt too weak for any kind of resistance against her pushing, although I tried. But the sadness that surrounded me did not leave any room for counterpressure.

She then asked me to think of a positive experience.

Again I knew in an instant where I would go. I thought about the day of our photo shoot. It was one of the most wonderful days we had recently and the memory was still fresh in my mind. I thought about the sun, the breeze, my beautiful son who had been laughing, running around freely, looking at his reflection in the windows and making the funny sounds that he always makes when he sees his reflection somewhere, his laughter and the joy. I thought about how carefree I had felt, how happy I had been and how much I had enjoyed that morning. When those happy thought completely filled me I lifted my arm again. This time it was impossible for her to push it down. I felt so strong and powerful.

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We did not rehearse this in advance. I did not know anything about the experiment before I said I would do it. I have never done it before. And I was really astonished myself to actually witness that my way of thinking makes such a difference on my strength and my power and also my willpower. It was really impressive for me.

I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it myself, but it is absolutely true:

Your thoughts do matter. It does matter if you have negative thoughts. They make you weak and powerless. They exhaust you and they pull you down until you drown. It is so important to think positive. I know that now and I needed this experiment to believe it. I will try to live by that in the future and to get rid of the negativity as good as I can. I need to be strong and powerful and I know now that I can help myself to be.


  1. Wow. First you have my admiration for being able to center yourself in Yoga. When I used to try my mind would zoom all over the place. But to open yourself up in front of an audience, to go there that hard sad place and demonstrate how to see the joy that is Sunny.

    I admire your drive. You have way more power than you know!

    1. I do not always manage to center myself, some days are better than others. But I am determined to work on it.

      And yeah, it was hard somehow. But it felt really good to learn how positive thoughts influence our physical strength.

  2. That is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that experience, even though I was not there and I didn't go through that experience, I believe it and I think it makes sense. Thanks again, I will also try to think more positive thoughts.

    1. I am glad that my sharing motivates you to try to think more positively! :-)

  3. Such a cool experiment and a great lesson. Thank for sharing.


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