Thursday, 27 June 2013

Drool-proof Mianzi shirts - great idea!

I stumbled across this kickstarter idea on Facebook and would like to quickly share it with you:

They still need a bit of backup to get funded. Mainly the shirts are for everybody but there is a SN edition which is "drool-proof" which is great for a lot of our kids that have issues with their oral muscles and, therefore, tend to drool. It is really humiliating for a child having to wear a bib all day if it is beyond the toddler stage.

Maybe you would like to support the project. There are 10 more days to go and roughly 1,400 USD are still missing. Please also share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

I think it is a wonderful idea that deserves support! If you think so, too, please share and support!

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