Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 25-26/2013

Here is this week's Ten (+ one) Things of Thankful list:

1) My car. We live quite rural, my husband is away a lot and needs his car and Sunny and I have a lot of appointments to drive to. If I had to rely on public transport I would be completely lost and I would not be able to do many of the things that we do. Having my own car is an essential and important part of my life and how we help Sunny to thrive. Therefore, I am so glad that we can afford that.

2) That my family does not live too far away to visit them every two or three months at the latest. It is too far away to pay them a short visit without staying over night but I am glad that they do not live at the other end of the county. It would make visiting them much more expensive, much more of a hassle and it would make for fewer get-togethers.

3) I am thankful for the services our health and insurance system offers for SN kids like my son. While there is always something that could be improved there really is not much reason to complain compared to other countries. Since I read blogs from all over the world I came to realise that we are really lucky.

4) That we can afford hippo therapy for Sunny. It is something that is usually not covered by the insurance companies here and we are lucky that we can pay for it ourselves. It is one of the therapeutic things he loves the most and I would be so sad if I had to cut that short or even stop it for monetary reasons.

5) I am thankful that I have several blankets that I can use for various temperatures. Tonight it was quite cool in our rooms so I added an extra blanket and was warm and cosy. Others might not be so lucky because they cannot afford more than one blanket and I realise this is something I have to be thankful for.

6) I am still in love with this song from the 80's: Is This Love? by Whitesnake. It was really 'poser rock' (at least this is what we call it here) and seeing the video makes me grin because they try so hard to be cool yet romantic yet mysterious yet rock stars at the same time. I also love that the whole band has the same hairdo as the girl dancing in the video. Hilarious! And don't get me started on all the fans used for this video. But that song? Still one of my favourites!

7) I am glad and thankful that Sunny was rarely sick all winter and spring (*knock on wood*). He used to be sick very often in the last years and it seems that his health and his immune system have improved and gotten more resistant. But I will not say this out loud; I am a bit superstitious when it comes to that. So please do not read this loudly but only in your heads ;-)

8) I am thankful for TV and the cinema. There is nothing that distracts me better if I need to relax and not think too much.

9) The rain because it is so cosy to stay at home when it rains outside and we would not acknowledge the sun that much when it comes out again after a downpour.

10) That I finally finished our annual tax declaration this week!! This is a major task each year because it is so complicated and I tend to procrastinate it as long as possible. However, it was already due one month ago (ugh) and this week I finally did it! Yaaay! That makes me so happy because it is such a burden taken off of my shoulder! All I have to do now is print out all the stuff and send it away next week.

10+1) Since I wrote my FTSF post this week about July 4, 2012 I haven't stoppped thinking about it. Writing about it stirred up so many positive and good emotions. I am thankful that I got to experience the joy and happiness of the kids that day and I am thankful I was reminded of that day again due to my blogging community. 

PS: I am away for the weekend. I will try to link up this post (which is scheduled) and I will also publish comments as soon as I can but I might not be able to get back to you until next week.

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts

Friday, 28 June 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

It is Friday which means it is time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again. This means: write for five minutes flat, no editing, just let it pour out of your fingers. This week's caption is

In Between...


In between appointments and the laundry, the telephone calls to make and the food to prepare, in between the daily hassle and the struggle, the pain and the frustration, the trying-to-do-it-all and feeling of failure that you did not manage to do it all, there are always the sun beams of life. All you have to do is close your eyes for a moment, stop in your tracks and try to feel the warmth on your skin. See the brightness that hits your eyes through closed lids, turning your inner world into a warm, tender pink. Take a moment to feel the earth rotate and taking you with it on its endless trip through space. Feel the wind on your skin and take a deep breath.

Remember: life is beautiful. Take your time each day to notice it. Acknowledge it. Enjoy it. There is always time to do this in between everything else.


The best 4th of July I ever had

The best 4th of July I ever had was last year. I checked my old calendars back until 1999 but as soon as I saw what I did on July 4, 2012 I knew immediately that this was the day.

As some of you know my son attends a special needs kindergarten that belongs to a school. When we started kindergarten I was already looking forward to the annual photo shoots which are a self-evident thing in regular schools and kindergartens. When I asked about the date of the first one I was told that they used to do these kinds of photo shoots some years ago. However, the project was not very successful and so they stopped organising these photo shoots. The reason is that the kids in the school are not as easy to photograph as NT kids because it is much more difficult for them to sit still, to smile when they are supposed to etc. This led to impatient photographers, not so nice pics that the parents did not like and, therefore, did not buy. So the project was abandoned.

I was determined to change that. I wanted to have this kind of picture for my son - and, if I am honest, I wanted it for me, too. We do not have many "normal" things in our life and while all of my friends were able to proudly show me the kindergarten pics of their kids I wanted to be able, too. I wanted to have this little piece of normalcy, too. It really meant so much to me.

I started to search for a good photographer and while my favourite one could not do it I found another one who was willing to give it a try. Her only condition was that there had to be at least 30 kids she could take pictures of because it would not pay off for her otherwise.

I talked to the school principal about my idea and was allowed to send a letter to all parents asking who wanted to partipate. When the letters came back to me it became evident that more than 30 parents wanted to have pictures of their kids so that sealed the deal.

I organised the photo shoot which took place on July 4, 2012. When I arrived at the school on that day during recess some of the kids had already been photographed while others still waited for their big appearance. As I stepped onto the schoolyard the kids came running up to me. Their faces beamed with joy and delight. They were so happy that they were being photographed! They felt like celebrities, like stars. One elderly boy came up to me, smiling happily from ear to ear and telling me full of pride how he had dressed up for the photo shoot, that he was wearing his best shirt, and how much fun he had had during the shoot. I saw so many proud, happy faces. After recess the photo shoot continued and I stayed in order to help and just witness. Some of the kids were quite shy in front of the camera. Maybe they are not used to being photographed or it is just their nature. Others were much more outgoing and self-confident. Most of them just beamed with pride and joy. Some of them did not even want to stop, they could not get enough of the attention. I loved all of the kids.

When we were finished and I left the school my face hurt from my constant grinning. I could not stop smiling. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I had last year.

It showed me that we all want the same thing. We want to be seen, we want to be recognised. We want to be told how beautiful we are, how awesome our hair is, what a pretty smile we have, how bright our eyes shine. These are the things that make us happy inside. These are the things that boost our self-confidence. We want to feel important and acknowledged for who we are. We are all fragile, sensitive, and insecure, and sometimes we just want to be told that we are okay because we forget how beautiful we are. This is what every human being needs, no matter if they have special needs or not. We want to be shown that we are loved.

I have seen so many beautiful children on July 4, 2012 and I am so proud that I organised this event. I selfishly wanted to have a kindergarten picture of my son and I did not know that it would become something so much more important. I was not aware that what I thought would make me happy made these kids even happier. Never had I imagined that it would mean so much more to them. I was not aware of the impact it would have on these children.

Photo credits

I love that I could help them feel important and seen, empowered and needed. I am sure there are a lot of those kids that are not seen in everyday life. People look away, treat them like they are invisible, do not want to deal with disability. It must break those kids' hearts and undermine their spirits. It must make them feel less. How would you feel if you were treated like you were invisible most of the time? These kids want to be seen, too! I am glad and proud that I showed them that they matter, too. I learned a really important lesson on that day and I will never forget their happiness and their brightly smiling faces.

The picture of my son, by the way, turned out beautifully and I am really happy that we have it. But what happened on that day makes me even happier and his picture will always remind me of the abundant joy I experienced on that day.

... oh, you mean... you were looking for a story about the celebration of the American Independence Day? Sorry, no US citizen here! ;-) However, I wish everyone celebrating it a wonderful day and a lot of fun next week!

PS: I am away for the weekend. I will try to link up this post (which is scheduled) and I will also publish comments as soon as I can but I might not be able to get back to you until next week.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Drool-proof Mianzi shirts - great idea!

I stumbled across this kickstarter idea on Facebook and would like to quickly share it with you:

They still need a bit of backup to get funded. Mainly the shirts are for everybody but there is a SN edition which is "drool-proof" which is great for a lot of our kids that have issues with their oral muscles and, therefore, tend to drool. It is really humiliating for a child having to wear a bib all day if it is beyond the toddler stage.

Maybe you would like to support the project. There are 10 more days to go and roughly 1,400 USD are still missing. Please also share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

I think it is a wonderful idea that deserves support! If you think so, too, please share and support!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I've got the power!

At the beginning of last week's yoga class one of the participants had a question and the teacher started talking about yoga: what it means, what it is supposed to do and not to do, stuff like that. She digressed a bit from yoga itself but gave away some really interesting insights.

At some point she told us how thoughts influence our body directly and she wanted to prove it with a little experiment. When she asked around who wanted to do it I said yes.

She asked me to get up and stand in front of her. Then she requested me to close my eyes.

First she asked me to think of a negative experience. She asked me to really go deep inside and not only think about it but actually feel it. Get in the swirl of emotions connected to the experience. As soon as I was feeling those negative emotions I had to stretch out my right arm to my right side on shoulder height in order to signal her that I was ready.

I knew immediately where I would go. I thought about our first days in the hospital after Sunny was born. I felt the pain, the fear, the frustration, the feeling of despair and sadness that I felt back then. When I was in the middle of all this negativity I raised my arm. She tried to push it down and could do it almost effortless. I felt too weak for any kind of resistance against her pushing, although I tried. But the sadness that surrounded me did not leave any room for counterpressure.

She then asked me to think of a positive experience.

Again I knew in an instant where I would go. I thought about the day of our photo shoot. It was one of the most wonderful days we had recently and the memory was still fresh in my mind. I thought about the sun, the breeze, my beautiful son who had been laughing, running around freely, looking at his reflection in the windows and making the funny sounds that he always makes when he sees his reflection somewhere, his laughter and the joy. I thought about how carefree I had felt, how happy I had been and how much I had enjoyed that morning. When those happy thought completely filled me I lifted my arm again. This time it was impossible for her to push it down. I felt so strong and powerful.

 Photo credits

We did not rehearse this in advance. I did not know anything about the experiment before I said I would do it. I have never done it before. And I was really astonished myself to actually witness that my way of thinking makes such a difference on my strength and my power and also my willpower. It was really impressive for me.

I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it myself, but it is absolutely true:

Your thoughts do matter. It does matter if you have negative thoughts. They make you weak and powerless. They exhaust you and they pull you down until you drown. It is so important to think positive. I know that now and I needed this experiment to believe it. I will try to live by that in the future and to get rid of the negativity as good as I can. I need to be strong and powerful and I know now that I can help myself to be.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Recipe: Lukewarm pasta with cubed tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

I was asked to share some of my recipes with you and I decided to do it from time to time. I love to cook quick yet delicious dishes that are not complicated. So I am sure you will find something that you can try without getting all stressed out over a complicated recipe. I like to keep it plain and simple.

Let me preface this by saying that I am no food blogger and am not intending to become one. I do not have the time to stage the pictures to go with a recipe like arranging the ingredients on twee little chopping boards, sprinkle some spicery here and there and add beautifully wrapped up silverware with lovely ribbons to make them look like they were taken from a cook book. I snap away the pictures while I cook so they are what they are - pictures quickly taken during cooking with no extra bells and whistles. The pics are only there to accompany the recipes for a better understanding (or if I fail to explain something).

Please also note that I am posting the recipes with European scales. I kindly ask you to do the conversions yourself. There are a lot of helpful links on the internet to do that and I am confident you will find out the right amount of ingredients ;-)

If there is anything unclear please do not hesitate to ask me.

So, here we go with my first recipe. It does not have a real name so I called it 

Lukewarm pasta with cubed tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

It is perfect for hot summer days where you do not feel like eating anything cooked but are still hungry for more than a sandwich. It is really the perfect summer dish which I cook frequently when it is hot.

Ingredients (serves 2-3 people, depending on their appetite)

- 400 gr Italian pasta (I always use Tortiglioni)
- 7 big tomatoes
- 1 ball (125 gr) mozzarella cheese
- Pepper
- Salt
- Olive oil
- Basil
- Parmesan cheese


Bring the water for cooking the pasta to a boil. When it boils, put the pasta in and add salt to season it.

Chop the tomatoes and the mozzarella cheese into small cubes.

Put them in a large bowl (large enough that you can add the pasta after it is finished). Add olive oil to the tomatoes and the mozzarella cheese until you get a smooth kind of "sauce" (the olive oil blends with the liquid of the tomatoes).

Season with salt, pepper, a lot of chopped basil and a lot of parmesan cheese to your liking.

As soon as the pasta is al dente pour the water, add the hot pasta to the bowl and stir delicately until the pasta blends with the tomatoes and the mozzarella cheese. Serve immediately.

Enjoy your meal!

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 25/2013

I am slowly catching up on my blog. That feels good. I also posted my week in pictures of week 24 ex post yesterday night.

This was the hottest week we had this summer so far with temperatures up to 36 °C for days - almost unbearable to me. Everything hotter than 28 °C is out of my comfort zone. I could not live in a tropical climate with constant temperatures like that and, even worse, a high humidity on top. Sunny's room was still about 28 °C hot although I had the AC running in his room for hours. But since the air was pretty dry due to the AC it was better than in our bedroom which is why I slept in Sunny's room. My husband was away for a few days so he did not miss me.

By the end of the week the temperatures finally dropped which made me sigh from relief.

Here's to hoping the new week will not be too stressful for anyone! I hope it will be better than my last week. 

On Monday we tried to cool ourselves down in our tiny wading pool. It helped a bit.

On Tuesday we went swimming twice. I was allowed to attend the swimming lesson of Sunny's kindergarten which was so great to witness. In the afternoon we visited a friend who has an own pool in her garden (something very uncommon here!). We enjoyed that day and the cooling down so much! I could not take a picture of either event so I googled for one because I wanted to include it in my wrap-up.
Photo credits

I was busy with preparing and trial and error for the presents I will give to Sunny's kindergarten teachers. I am really content with the outcome and look forward to handing it over to them (we still have four more weeks until the summer holidays start). More on that with instructions as soon as everything is finished.

Sunny really loves my strawberry cake. He eats like a champ!

This is one of my favourite summer dishes when it is really hot outside. I will share the recipe (which is so easy, quick to prepare and so delicous) tomorrow.

I prepared some fruit puree from plums of your garden out of the freezer. I need to empty it because we will have a lot of plums, cherries and other fruit this year again. Sunny always eats some fruit puree for dinner and I freeze it in ice cube trays so that we have small servings that can be defrosted individually.

Only one chocolate cake comfit left.... so delicious! This is a new find from our supermarket. Have to go and buy some more! ;-)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 24-25/2013

This is for those of you who did not read my post from yesterday: My week has been beyond busy with dozens of appointments and things on my to do list. Therefore, I want to apologise that I have not gotten back to everyone on the last Thankful blog post yet. I hope I will be able to do so at some point this weekend.

Here is this week's Ten Things of Thankful list:

1) Strawberries. I love them and I enjoy the sweetness of our local fruits. Sadly, the local strawberry season will soon be over.

2) Fountains where hot feet can be cooled in.

3) "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap. I love how this song starts off rather restraint and then ends in a powerful crescendo. It gives me major chills every time I hear it.


4) That this crazily busy week is almost over now. I really hope next week will be a bit better!

5) The air condition we bought for Sunny's room. It is the only AC in our home. This week was hot and humid as hell and Sunny's room was the only room where I was able to sleep at night.

6) The summer party that took place in Sunny's kindergarten on Friday. It was kind of bittersweet for me because I will really miss his teachers (and I am still not happy about his transition to school). We had a wonderful afternoon together and I really enjoyed what they had prepared for the parents and the kids.

7) The presents I am preparing for Sunny's teachers at the moment in order to thank them for the three beautiful years they gave my son. We could not have wished for a better, more loving place for him to start his way into education.

8) Breezy summer dresses.

9) Ibuprofen. It helps me to get through my frequent headache days.

10) The weather shift. Right now we have sunny days with moderate temperatures and always a bit of a breeze and this is just how I love summer.

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts

Friday, 21 June 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

This is my first post this week. The week has been beyond busy with dozens of appointments and things on my to do list. Real life got in the way of blogging! ;-) Today will not be better so this is just a short note from my end of the world to let you all know why I was/am in some sort of involuntary hiatus.

I am also sorry that I have not gotten back to everyone on the last Thankful blog post yet. I hope I will be able to do so at some point this weekend. Tomorrow there will be another round of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop which will definitely take place on my blog. My draft for the post is almost finished. So I really hope to see you then!

However, today is Friday which means it is time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again. One of the things I love about FMF is that it does not take too much time because you are only supposed to write for five minutes! Five minutes is a time that I need to get squeezed in somehow. 



Some years ago a rhythm was added to my life that has been defining my own rhythm ever since. It was your heartbeat when I carried you in my womb. It was your first cry when you made your entrance into my world. It was the rhythm of sleep, eat, and play when we came home from the hospital and settled into our new routine. It was your first laugh while you lay under the mobile hanging above your changing table. It was the chronology of appointments that defined our days, our week, our years.  It was my cheering and clapping when you were able to sit unsupported for the first time. It was the sound of your tiny little feet when you finally started to walk.

Your rhythm has become mine even before you were born. And I just know that our rhythms will always be in sync.  


Monday, 17 June 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 24/2013

(This post was published on June 23 because I haven't found the time to do it sooner. However, I still wanted to make sure it appears on the blog in the right place.)

In retrospect this was a pretty uneventful week, so there are only few pictures. But I do not want to leave out a week, if possible.

Aaaah, Milano cookies! They are my most favourite cookies ever. I bought them last year in bulks until our supermarket took them out of their stocks. I was so sad. This week it finally dawned on me that I could try to buy them online and I found a supplier. I bought 10 packages at once and since then I cannot stop eating!! They make me so happy!

Is there anything better than fresh bread? I simply love it. My favourite bread has a crunchy crust and is soft inside.

Plain and simple strawberries. Pure delight!

We finally had bright blue skies on the weekend. It rained almost all week.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: week 23-24/2013

Last week I started to co-host in a new blog hop which I really, really love. It is about seeing the good things in life and acknowledging them, something that is ever so often forgotten in everyday life. This is why I am so happy to participate.

Here is this week's Ten Things of Thankful list:

1) Every time Sunny sees me from a distance he runs as fast as he can to get to me. It always makes my heart do a happy dance when I see that he cannot wait to run into my arms <3

2) Listening to my husband reading to Sunny during our bedtime routine. After I make Sunny ready for bed my husband and Sunny snuggle on the floor, Sunny chooses which books he wants my husband to read and while I pick up the room and prepare everything for the night they snuggle and read. It is their special time and when I hear my husband reading my heart leaps. He does that so wonderfully that I could listen to him for hours and Sunny loves it so much.

3) I started reading in bed again before I turn off the lights at night. I haven't done that for years and now I am doing it again and it feels good.

4) I am glad for the weather shifts from hot to cooler again because that gives our home the possibility to cool down again from time to time.

5) I already saw one of our pictures from the photo shoot and was just overwhelmed at how gorgeous it turned out. Cannot wait to see the rest of it!

6) I am so glad that my family and friends accept my son the way he is. I just heard from some people whose kids were rejected from either their family and/or their friends because they had SN and that would totally break my heart. I am glad that everyone around us is tolerant and loves my son! These are things that seem self-evident to me but are not.

7) I am glad that I speak English because it gives me the possibility to connect with people all around the globe.

8) We will have a barbecue again on the weekend and I am really looking forward to that! Last year we rarely barbecued and I swore to myself that we would do it as often as possible this year because I enjoy it so much.

9) I am happy that I joined Facebook some years ago because it is such a good way for me to stay connected with my far away friends. Yay for social media!

10) I love our tall, beautiful trees in the garden because they give us much-needed shade on the hot days and we still get to hang out outside thanks to them. Their branches are thickly adorned with bright green leaves and the sound the wind makes when it caresses them is so soothing and peaceful.

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts

Friday, 14 June 2013

Finish the Sentence Friday: The hardest part about my day

This week's sentence to finish is:

The hardest part about my day is... 

... to catch up on everything. I feel like I am trying to catch up the whole day, 24/7/365. I am catching up on chores, the laundry, cleaning, all things office-related (like insurance stuff, handling the mail or doing the tax declaration), driving to appointments with my son, and blogging. Yes, blogging, too.

As much as I got to enjoy blogging there is also a "dark side" to it. It sometimes gets overwhelming to squeeze it in between everything else piling up in my life. It is not only the writing. It is answering comments (which is something I love because I love comments), visiting all the other blogs I follow, commenting there, following posts that I am interested in, participating in blog hops (which I love, too), reading everyone's posts, commenting on them.... I sometimes just do not know when to do it.

I feel bad when I link up on a blog hop and I do not find the time to visit all the other blogs linking up with me. But it is just not possible to squeeze it all in. The weekends are always very busy because Sunny is home from kindergarten which means I rarely get some time alone while he is here. It also means that I am exhausted in the evenings and while blogging in a foreign language is really fun (and something I deliberately decided to do) it is also much more laborious what with the words you do not know and have to look up first or phrases you could shoot out in a second in your mother tongue but have to twist and turn in order for them to make sense in a foreign language. It just takes longer and more brain power from me; something I am not always capable anymore in the evenings. And as soon as the week starts again there is so much to do and to catch up with (again!) that getting to all the posts I missed is sometimes impossible. So please let me apologise if you feel that I neglect your blog. It is not at all my intention and I would love to read each and every blog post out there because I care for you.

I was not even sure if I should proceed linking up with FTSF because of what I wrote above. But since I really enjoy this blog hop I decided to link up again today. 

Another hard part about my day is when Sunny has a bad night, so it is a hard part about my night really. At the moment he is in a phase (again; he has good and bad sleeping phases in regular intervals) where he sleeps badly every night and wakes up in the mornings between 4:30 and 5:00. Exhausting, I can tell you. You could also say that the hard part of the night makes the following day one hard part altogether. If that makes sense.

But in order to not come across as whiny and discontent please come back tomorrow for another round of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop which started last week! You will then read what I am thankful for - no matter how hard my day is!

Thank you to Kate of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine…, Janine of Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic, Stephanie of Mommy, for Real and Dawn of Dawn's Disaster for hosting Finish the Sentence Friday!

Five Minute Friday: Listen

It is Friday which means it is time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again. 



Sunny loves the birds and, therefore, it is one of his most favourite things to listen to. And I listen to them, too, because it makes me happy when he is happy. I listen to my son's voice when he imitates them and I listen when he laughs his sweet, infectious laugh. I also listen to his cries when is not well and I try my best to help him.

But, in our house, listening is not limited to the ears. We listen with everything else, too.

I listen with my eyes when he tells me without any words that he needs me, that he loves me. I listen with my hand when his tiny hand slips into mine. I listen with my skin when I feel his body next to mine. I listen with my heart when I feel the deepest love that I ever felt in my life. I listen with my feet when we walk next to each other peacefully. I listen with my arms when I carry him around. I listen with my neck when I feel his warm breath as he snuggles closely. I listen with my back when I pretend that I am a horse and he jumps around on me and makes his horse sound. I listen with my mouth as I kiss his sweet lips.

Whatever you say, however you say it. I will always be there to listen to you.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

The road to acceptance

There are moments in my life when I feel that I am on the road to acceptance and when everything is okay.

Yesterday, on our way to our osteopathy session, we saw one of the buses that take Sunny to kindergarten. I saw it and my first feeling was some kind of homey feeling. Seeing the bus felt so familiar to me and it was not weird or awkard but just part of our world. And it felt good in a strange way that I cannot explain.

Today I was at Sunny's school in order to observe a fourth grade class. I wanted to see what school is like compared to kindergarten and was allowed to attend the tuition this morning. It was a bit difficult for me to compare the kids and the class in general with the one Sunny will attend because the kids were so much older than he is but it was still a good experience. What touched me the most was the compassion of the teacher. They started with morning circle time and each kid was welcomed personally with a song and a hand shake. Then they talked about the date and when it was the turn of a severely handicapped child who could not walk and was non-verbal, the teacher sat down right in front of him, held both of his hands and told him the date and what day it was. And then she told him that she was so very happy that he was there today in such a loving way and with such loving gestures that I welled up because I was so touched (and because I cry for the least reason. The kids were quite disturbed when they saw me wiping tears from my eyes...). Anyway, I was impressed that some of them were really quite good at reading and even at summations in maths. The teacher told me that this was exceptional. She also asked me some questions about Sunny and made kind remarks about the things I told her. She knows him from the time when they are outside for recess and the aide of the severely handicapped child told me that she had assisted in kindergarten several times, that she was so impressed with Sunny's book "reading" skills and that he was such a wonderful and cute child. 

I spent the morning break with Sunny who was very surprised, delighted, and happy to see me there so unexpectedly.

I also had a good talk with the teacher before lunch break where she asked me what I expected from school and told me some things I did not know yet.

I feel that I am on my way. I have been on my way for a few years now and although there will be many more bumps along the road and there will be times that the road will get so winding that I will have a hard time staying on track I know that I am on my way and that it will get better and better as I move on. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The yoga challenge

This year I started taking yoga classes again as a part of my not really resolutions list for 2013 when it comes to taking better care of me. I did it before I got pregnant and then stopped during my pregnancy because I had so many appointments that it just got too much for me.

The yoga class is on Monday nights and so yesterday I was there again. I tend to be very tensed up and when the class is finished I really feel so much better physically from all the stretching and the relaxation. I did a lot of sports when I was younger and while I am not as flexible as I used to be I am still in good shape and can do most of the asanas (this is how the exercises are called) in a decent way.

What is much more difficult for me is the mental aspect of yoga, of letting it all go. We are supposed to do the asanas with eyes closed and this is already so challenging for me. The teacher talks us through the asanas so that there is no need to open my eyes and see what I have to do but I am still tempted to look around. I find it hard to not do that and sometimes I really have to concentrate to keep them closed. We also do a lot of breathing exercises where we breathe deeply while we concentrate on where in our body the breath goes. Sometimes I am in the flow and can trace the breath from my fontanelle to the tailbone and back (yes, this was one of the exercises we did yesterday) but very often my mind is racing. It feels like it is stuck in fifth gear and while I am supposed of letting it all go I think of Sunny, my husband, my everyday life, school and kindergarten, the chores I have to do tomorrow, what to cook, what I forgot to do, whom to call, my blog, this blog post, friends, family.... anything that comes to my mind. I try to stop in my tracks and concentrate not to concentrate on all that stuff but it is really not easy.

I wish I could be able to switch off my racing mind for these 90 minutes and just be. But the daily grind has me in its claws and sometimes it is just impossible for me to escape. I am relaxed when I come home and I certainly shifted down a gear or two, but I could still do so much better.

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However, I really enjoy that part of yoga because I am requested to refocus - or maybe even de-focus on nothing but just my breath, my body and how I feel. We are so overwhelmed from all the information and media and sounds and whatnot that lash down on us all day that we have forgotten how to turn our senses off and just be. And I hope I will become better at fading all that out and return to my inner self in order to be rejuvenated again afterwards.

You know what the best part of the session is (I think all of us participants agree on that, tee hee)? The last 15-20 minutes are reserved for meditation. The teacher dims the lights; we all slip under our blankets, wrap ourselves up in them and are supposed to imagine a landscape, for example. Yesterday it was an island in the middle of a lake. And you can bet all the change in your pocket that after two minutes the first member of the class will start snoring. ;-) I always fall asleep, too, and normally am the last to wake up. All the others are already standing on their mats again and doing some exercises to refresh them after the "meditation" (aka nap) until I realise that I should have gotten up already and that I really fell asleep. This is always a bit embarrassing for me but who cares?

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 23/2013

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We had gorgeous weather on Saturday (so we were outside the whole day) and not so gorgeous weather on Sunday (at least it became better in the afternoon).

As I skimmed through the pictures for this post I had to smile because this week's pictures make it clear how much I love to indulge in good food and eating. ;-) If you are interested in any of the recipes please let me know which one and I will gladly provide them!

Enjoy your week! xo

I had to shorten a dress last week. Can I just say that this was the crappiest fabric of all times I ever had to deal with? The needles constantly slipped out and I was really swearing A LOT until I finally managed to tame the fabric and sew that seam!!

My currently most favourite lunch when I just have to cook for myself because it goes really fast and is soo delicious: chicken breast with spinach, instant Chinese noodles and parmesan cheese. I need it at least once a week.

I discovered this treat in the supermarket last week and could not stop eating: goat cheese wrapped in bacon. Just wow.

Lining up animals at speech therapy.

Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and take in the beauty that surrounds us everywhere.

This weekend's cake included bananas, cherries and whipped cream. Delicious!

I co-hosted my first blog hop ever and it was so much fun! We will do it each Saturday from now on so make sure to link up next time!

I finally put away the feather beds because the weather is warm enough now. It is June! I never did it this late!

Such a good and funny read. I highly recommend it (although the humour might be a bit special and not everyone's taste). I luckily managed to read a few more pages this weekend.

Delicious lunch: Spaghetti al scoglio. I love it!

Since Sunny was born there is always something to repair. Did I already mention that I am not a big fan of needlework?