Monday, 27 May 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 21/2013

The first week of Sunny's kindergarten holidays is over. He misses his routine, it it very obvious after this week. Will post about it tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week! :-)

We visited an old mill on Whit Monday

I bought a riding helmet for Sunny some weeks ago. He hated it and screamed in the shop like I was trying to cut his head off. This week was the first time that he wore it and he accepted it, although he was not too happy about it. I hope he gets used to it soon.

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself with something good

What is WRONG with spring this year?? Why is this season even called spring and not prolonged winter? Rain, cold, grey skies, .... We all crave sun and warmth!!

We met this cheeky duck while we were on our way to the optician. It was so bold that it pinched Sunny's hand. I guess it was angry we did not have any bread with us ;-)


  1. OOOH Joy! Do tell what is in that fabulous looking drink with apple slices in it! YUM. And I can't believe the duck pinched Sunny's hand (yikes). Also, Tucker hates his helmet as well. I kind of don't blame him but keep hoping he will accept it more.

    1. It is so simple yet so delicious: 200 ml of Champagne (you can buy small bottles of that size here), 2 cl Aperol (don't know if you know that, it is some kind of Italian liquor) and one nectarine in slices. I call it "summer punch" and I badly needed summer last week! ;-)

      That duck really was not scared at all, normally they shy away if you come too close but this one was really obtrusive!

      Oh, I did not know you are doing hippo therapy now, too! Awesome!!

  2. burrrrr, that's almost 43 degrees here, definitely think you are in need of some warmer weather! it seemed like spring would never turn into summer here, too. thankfully that has kept the hot, humid weather from arriving so far. the thermometer read 90 as we were headed home today, so it's slowly getting hotter.

    i can't believe that duck nipped sunny! how scary is that!

    1. 90 sounds pretty high... let me check that... that's 32 °C and we can only DREAM of that! There wasn't a single day warmer than maybe 28 or so and even those were only very few!

      Yeah, that duck was really looking for trouble ;-)

  3. I think the duck was lucky you didn't cook him for dinner to go with that lovely cocktail :)


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