Monday, 6 May 2013

The Week in Pictures: calendar week 18/2013

Good morning!

Last week was one of those crazy weeks again where I returned from my parents, had a lot of work to do at home, Sunny was sick and, therefore, not attending kindergarten, we had a national holiday on May 1 and so on. Therefore, I have fallen behind on answering comments on my blog or checking and commenting on my favourite blogs once again. Seems like just when I caught up on everything I fall behind again. ;-) Will try to catch up on you all this week.

Without further ado: Here are last week's pics.

The week started with one of my "favourite hobbies": doing loads of laundry

Of all the tunnels we drive through on a regular basis this is Sunny's favourite one. He loves all tunnels but as soon as he sees this one coming up he jumps up and down excitedly in his seat and makes his sound for "tunnel" over and over while pointing to it. I love how much fun he gets out of those tunnels!

It was my birthday last week and, by coincidence, also time to go to the hairdresser (something I do not do very often because it takes up too much of my time and I do not really enjoy it in the "I have myself treated" way) on the same day. However, my stylist was kind enough to know that it was my birthday and so he treated us both with a glass of champagne each.

Afterwards, I strolled around for a while...

... checked out the Farmers Market with all the beautiful flowers and the fresh produce...

... did some window shopping...

... and treated myself with a lovely lunch.

Back at home I got my first teeny tiny bouquet from Sunny after he returned from kindergarten <3

The husband and I went to the cinema in the evening and I really enjoyed that.

Last week was also the first time this year that I bought some strawberries. They are still imported but the regional strawberry season will be starting soon. Looking forward to that!

On Sunday morning we went for a loooong walk

I cannot get enough of all the beautiful flowers in our garden!

Our apple trees are in full bloom. I love the white and pink contrast of the petals!

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