Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Snippets of our lives

There are a few things I would like to update you about so: here they are.


We went to the movies last week and it was the most embarrassing trip to the cinema EVER. First I lost my 3D glasses on my way to the auditorium. They fell onto a canopy and some guy of the staff had to get a long broom, sweep it down from the canopy, go downstairs and bring me the glasses. After we had taken our seats and the lights went out I spilt half of my popcorn across the guy sitting next to me. He was not amused. Some minutes later I noticed that my phone had fallen out of my pocket and because I was afraid I would forget to look for it after the movie I got down on my knees and robbed underneath the seats trying to find it (which I thankfully did). Guy was clearly NOT amused. But the best is yet to come. After at least 30 minutes into the movie I wondered why the 3D effects were not as impressive as they normally are. I started to look around and saw that no one was wearing their 3D glasses. Except for us. We were in a 2D film and neither my husband nor I noticed it! I informed my husband that the film was only 2D and that he could take his glasses off and we both cracked up. That guy next to me must have thought that I am a complete dork. Can it get any worse??


I was asked to post an update on Sunny's finger. I am glad to announce that his finger is fine. He was able to use his hand normally again one day after the accident. I think he was extremely lucky that it got off lightly taken into account how badly his finger looked.


The caregiver I organised had her third appointment with us yesterday. Since the Whitsun holidays will end this week and tomorrow is a national holiday she will not return before the summer holidays which will start at the end of July. I have to say that I was really content with her. She and Sunny got along very well right from the beginning. He seemed to like her, they read books together, played ball, went for long walks together and just explored the neighbourhood which he obviously enjoyed. I am really glad that I finally decided to hire a professional caregiver. We will hire her again for some days during the summer break. I also found out that the proper term for what she does is "respite care" in English. Blogging really helps me learn new words. ;-)


After some brief discussion at home we filed our application for the school aide. Yesterday we received a letter asking for medical reports and reports from kindergarten to be sent in. Let the red tape begin!

In the end I think it totally makes sense. It was not that I thought it was a bad idea right from the beginning. It was just that I was so shocked because I never gave it a single thought. I just hope we will find a kind, loving aide who will be able to help Sunny thrive.


Today we were visited by my friend and her son who is diagnosed with "atypical autism". She and I are really good friends but rarely get the chance to meet because we do not live close to each other. Their visit was really lovely and nice and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, at some point the mood of the kids started to shift (they were both starting to feel a bit overwhelmed) but we did not notice it on time. So while Sunny sat next to me at the table, typing happily (but also already a bit cranky) on his talker, her son all of a sudden got up from the floor and pulled Sunny's hair with both hands with full force. Sunny's body stiffened, he looked at me horrified and did not know what to do. My friend and I both jumped up and yelled at her son to let go immediately which was too much for both boys. Sunny started crying, signing that he wanted them to leave again and again, and could not calm down. At some point I was even afraid he was going to faint because he did not breathe right anymore. He just sucked in air over and over but could not exhale. I almost was not able to soothe him, he was that upset. My friend's son also cried because he had been yelled at and when he tried to apologise Sunny was still way too upset to let him come near him which made my friend's son cry even more. My friend and I were both sad, frustrated, and mad at ourselves because we had not noticed their mood shift early enough to avoid the incident. So their visit ended very abruptly because they more or less fled our home. Such a sad end to our nice afternoon together. :-(

It also showed me again that Sunny would be a complete victim should anything ever happen to him. He never defends himself but is so startled that he just gets paralysed. The concept of violence is completely unknown to him. He would never deliberately hurt anyone. I hope he will learn someday that it is sometimes necessary to defend yourself against attacks like the one today.


  1. Oh...Joy. First I was laughing my head off just imagining the movie experience. Please tell us that wasn't your first date night since Sunny has been born. At least it was unforgettable.

    I'm sorry about your visit with your friend, that it ended on a sour note. The nice part is that both of you accept your children for who they are.

    Lastly, I am so happy that your mind is at ease about Sunny's aide. I hope they are as wonderful as Boo's.

    1. No, it wasn't our first date night. We try to go to the cinema regularly, at least every other week.

      Thanks for the wishes with regard to the aide. I really hope we will find someone wonderful, too. xoxo


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