Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New consonant "k" and healing finger

I am exhausted tonight but I just wanted to share that we had a good end to this chaotic day.

First we went to hippo therapy in the late afternoon which is something that always makes Sunny so happy. 

Tonight after I had made Sunny ready for bed he lay next to my husband on the floor because this is the place where my husband reads stories to him every night. Sunny suddenly smelled a bit "strange" and I asked him whether he had "pipikaka" in his diaper (which is our word here for poo). He answered by saying "pipijaka" and it was the first time ever that Sunny made a "k" sound (he normally replies with "pipijaja" because every syllable he cannot say is replaced with "ja"). The hubs and I both looked at each other completely baffled and I said "Did you just say pipijaka??" to which the hubs said "I heard it, too!". We could not make him say it again but he did say it and that made me so happy!

Photo credits

On another positive note Sunny's finger looked much better tonight when I changed his bandage. It was not as heavily swollen anymore as it was this morning and the colour seemed to be more or less like his other fingers and not the deep red it was in the morning. I could see parts where he will probably get haematoma but apart from that it really looked better. I am so glad that nothing was broken!


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