Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Night and Day

After I finished my Mother's Day post of yesterday I went upstairs to check on Sunny. I had heard him crying over the monitor and when I entered his room I found him sitting unhappily in his bed, half awake. His nose was congested and he was breathing quickly and short-winded because his cough from two weeks ago had returned with full force on Saturday. I could hear that he had trouble breathing, so I cleaned his nose thoroughly and let him inhale with the medicine I always give him when he has bronchitis. I checked his temperature because he felt hot and when I saw that he spiked a fewer I gave him some Ibuprofen. Afterwards I hugged him tightly, carressed his hair and kissed his hot, feverish forehead gently while I pulled him on my lap and rocked him back and forth to make him sleepy again. He nuzzled against my chest and when I thought that he was drifting back to sleep I put him in his bed again, turned on his music to sleep to and left his room.

I was tired, too, because I caught a cold last week and my congested nose and the constant pressure on my head make me tired by the end of the day so I was looking forward to lying in my bed, watching a few minutes of TV and falling asleep quickly. But as I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth I heard that Sunny was fully awake now, laughing in his bed, jumping around and obviously not tired anymore at all. I went inside his room again and as the light spilled inside he immediately pointed to the book he had taken to bed with him, happy signing and "telling" me stuff he wanted to show me. It was clear that he would not sleep again anytime soon. He laughed and smiled at me, pulled me in his bed and he was so cute that I decided to take him to our bed for a while. I carried him over in his sleeping bag and he was over the moon.

We rarely get a chance to spend time with him in our bed because he normally does not sleep in our bed. I always have the impression that he thinks being in our bed means fun time and playing, not sleeping. This is why he normally stays in his own bed. But since we were all awake I thought it would be nice to spend some time together in our bed. And we all enjoyed it so very much. Sunny was happy and full of joy. He cuddled with us under our blankets for a few minutes seconds, then got up again to excitedly proclaim something from his book, then came back to cuddle. We watched the last 10 minutes of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and he was absolutely fascinated by the lion and the mouse. He either sat or lay there with us, eyes wide open, full of amazement. Sunny rarely watches TV so this is always something really special for him. 

By 23:30 we decided it was time for him to try to sleep again, although Sunny was still full of energy, so we said good night to Sunny's daddy and went over to his room where I put him to bed and lay down on my own bed in his room. It is always ready because Sunny is a bad sleeper and I sleep in his room very often, moving from our bedroom to his room in the middle of the night. Although he was so amped he calmed down soon and we both fell asleep quickly. 

By 4:05 he woke up gasping again, barely able to breathe, so I took him to my bed after I let him inhale and soothed him by stroking his hair and his back and talking softly to him that it's okay. After some time his breathing became a bit slower and we fell asleep again. The night ended at 6:15.

Mother's Day was a sad mixture of awful weather and a sick, unhappy kid. Sunny was short-winded the whole day and feverish and just felt very poorly. He was extra clingy and needed me constantly by his side. I was so sorry for him. We had to inhale very often because he had a hard time breathing. He did not nap very long this afternoon but went to bed early because he was so exhausted from the day. I hope he will have a good night's sleep and recover.

This was Sunny's Mother's Day gift from kindergarten: a beautiful, handcrafted key ring pendant made from felt and wooden pearls and wrapped in a lovely heart-shaped box with cute polka dots and a four leaf clover tag. I love the creativity of our kindergarten, they always think of the most wonderful presents for special occasions like these! <3

Tonight as I write this I am really worn out from the day, with a bad night, Sunny being sick and myself not feeling very well, either. I was just reminded on this Mother's Day what it is all about: caring for the ones that we love, no matter how badly we feel ourselves. Always putting our kids first and trying to ease their pain. I did not have the picture perfect Mother's Day with a lot of presents, a nice getaway and a child that is all smiles. It was more or less the opposite. But I am not sad about that because the day was the perfect Mother's Day, in its own special way.

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  1. I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I hope both you & Sunny feel better sooner rather than later.


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