Thursday, 30 May 2013

I carry you

Carrying you is still something of the most beautiful things in the world for me.
You weigh 19 kgs, not very much for your size and age.
I can still carry you.
And as long as I can, I will do so.
Because there is so much magic when I carry you.

Sometimes you are wild and funny, jumping around on my arm and belly laughing when I tune in and jump around with you on my arm.
And the more we go crazy, the more you laugh. 

Sometimes I turn on the music and we dance.
We sway and dance slowly while I stoke your hair and try to soak those minutes up like a sponge, storing the closeness I feel.
Or we jump and spin around while I sing.

Sometimes you are the softest snuggler.
You put your arms around my neck and lovingly embrace me.
Lay your head into the crook of my neck.
Breathe against my skin and time just stands still for a moment.

Sometimes you are scared.
You cling to my neck and beg me with your tensed body to be there for you and to never let go.
I press you against my chest and hope that you feel that I will always shelter you from everything I can.

Sometimes I just carry you.
You look around curiously with your elevated perspective on all things.
Your soft curls tickle my cheeks. 
You bring your face close to mine and I can smell your sweet breath.
Sometimes you even look into my eyes for a short moment and my heart leaps for joy.
I hold you tightly and touch your back, feel your muscles and your slender physique, the body that has been strengthened by hours upon hours upon hours of PT.

I dread the day when you will become too heavy for me to carry you because it will rob me of one of the most beautiful things we both enjoy.

But until then, my love, I carry you.


  1. I love to carry Boo, as well. It is the best feeling having her body attached to mine, her arms wrapped around my neck. I agree that I will miss these days. however I am blaming my hip replacement surgery on carrying her!

  2. beautiful, joy, just beautiful. makes me want to hug my kids extra tight!

  3. Oh Joy, that's just lovely.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ah, Joy. I can still (barely) carry Tucker, too. He is a big boy for his age...and I am so grateful that I can still bring him home from the playground, tired, in my arms. He, too, wiggles and giggles and holds onto my neck when he is scared. It's such a perfect mom feeling. I love this, so much. This is a beautiful beautiful perfect post.


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