Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hump day

The first week of Sunny's two-week vacation from kindergarten is over and I have to say that I am already quite spent.

We had really dreadful weather last week (and the week did not really start off better yesterday) which means that we could not go outside but were limited to the house and I noticed once again (as I do every time when he is home for a longer period of time) that he really needs his weekly routine which also includes kindergarten. After a week he always starts getting cranky and yesterday was no exception. He was whining and complaining and being discontent almost the whole day without any obvious reason. No matter what I offered to do or play with him, he did not want to participate or did it only half-heartedly. I have always had the impression that his mood is influenced by bad weather, too, so all the rain and the grey skies of the last days increased his crankiness.

When he is in such a cranky mood I often have the impression that he does not really know what to do with himself. His preferred activities to do when he is in such a bad mood is toss stuff around, empty containers full of toys, pull stuff out of closets, look at 20 books at once. After those days our home looks like it was not picked up for two weeks. He seems to need making messes in order to let off steam, at least that is my impression.

On top of it all he has been sleeping really badly the last few days which means that he does not fall asleep as easily as he normally does (normally falling asleep is something that was never a problem, not even when he was a baby) and he wakes up at least once during the night, crying and screaming, and is awake some time between 5:00 and 6:00 at the latest. Apart from that his naps are also shorter than usual and I think he is not getting enough sleep at the moment. It is exhausting for him and exhausting for me.

All of this adds up to a really straining time. I hope that he will at least sleep better soon.


  1. I find that when Boo's daytime routine is disrupted (vacation, holidays, the weekend) her sleep is off as well. It's like that one thing that was changed affects all parts of her day. I hope that time flies quickly and all is settled soon.

    1. He has always been a bad sleepers and still has bad sleeping phases like these regularly. But of course it is also possible that it is due to his change in routine.

  2. maybe being out of school isn't as tiring for the little ones, so they have more energy and don't need as much sleep. i don't know about you, but when there is no school my sleep routine gets shifted a bit, too. i stay up later and then sleep later. it's a terrible habit, but i just can't seem to go to bed early when i know i won't have to get up early.

    i am very interested to hear about how school is scheduled there. we just began our summer vacation last week, and patty will be out of school until the second week of august.

    if you have a solution to the toys dumped on the floor situation, please share! i feel like our house is constantly messy because of the toy clutter!

    1. That could be very well possible, what with being at home and not being as "challenged" (don't know it that's the right translation) as in kindergarten. My sleep routine is dictated by Sunny and since he never sleeps longer than 6:00 regardless of holidays, weekends, or school days I never get to have a shifted sleep routine unless he decides to sleep longer than 6:00 once a year or so ;-)

      What exactly would you like to know about the school schedule? I would love to explain it to you.

      Oh, and I am afraid I will probably never find a solution to the toy mess! :-/


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