Friday, 31 May 2013

Five Minute Friday: Imagine

It is Friday which means it is time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again. 



Sometimes I try to imagine what it might be like if my son were be a neurotypical child. How different our lives would maybe be. What kind of sports he would be doing. If he would already be able to swim like some of the kids of my friends that are his age. If I would even think about keeping him in kindergarten for another year. How many friends he would have in kindergarten, how often we would be out for play dates and if any of his friends would make the transition to school together with him, maybe paving the way to a lifelong friendship.

I also try to imagine if he would still be this happy, content little boy with his sunny personality if he were neurotypical. Or if it would also change his whole being, maybe robbing him of some of his carelessness. 

But in the end nothing of this is imaginable to me. And while it is sometimes hard to imagine that some parts of our lives would maybe be easier I could never imagine not having him, just the way he is now, by my side.



  1. So true! Both of my younger daughters have a diagnosis and while neither label severely limits them, I also wonder how much of their uniqueness is linked to that "differentness" about them. And if I can't have the delightful quirkiness without the lettered label... I think I can live with the labels. Great post!

  2. I find it very interesting what you imagined, sometimes I think I've felt the same!

  3. So true. I wonder if Boo was NT would she still be my cuddler? BTW I LOVE the way we seem to always be on the same page with the 5minute posts.

  4. Chills and hugs to the not being able to imagine him just as he is by your side. Ditto. Huge, huge huge. Sometimes I think I wish Tucker were "typical" but then I wonder what amazing things about him that I love so much that I might lose if he were.


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