Friday, 17 May 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

Today I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again. 



My almost nonverbal son has a favourite song. To be honest, he has a lot of favourite songs because he loves music. But the song that he loves most of all is the sound of the birds singing. The first thing he requests in the morning is that I get up, get him out of bed and open the window. The fresh, crisp air enters the room and with it the songs of the birds singing their morning serenade to us.

He will step on the stool near the window, still in his pyjamas, his adorable bed hair going all places, lean outside and take it all in. As soon as he hears the birds he laughs blissfully, with his mouth and with his eyes. I can see how happy he is and that makes my heart jump and my stomach cramp for a tiny second. He imitates the songs of the birds, communicating with them and singing back and forth in a special kind of conversation. There is no need for words because music - regardless of who sings those sweet tunes - is a universal language. 



  1. This is so sweet- to see such a special moment in your son's life, to experience it with him and love him for all the little things he does.

  2. This is a beautiful snapshot of an endearing moment.

  3. Oh I love this!! Isn't beautiful how music affects the littlest ones?

  4. so sweet! Silas has always been really musical too.

  5. Thanks huge for your beautiful comments! I love how much he loves music, too!


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