Thursday, 9 May 2013

Colours, directions and a squirrel

I recently skimmed through my archives and realised that I rarely share the inchstones in Sunny's development. However, to me they are as important as the milestones in the typical children's books, so this is something I want to change.

Happy Father's Day!

1) Last week, our SLP taught both Sunny and I the signs for the colours yellow, orange, red, blue and green. Sunny has a lot of fun to use them and to show me the signs for these colours when he looks at his books and I ask him what colour is this or that. I started to work with him on also telling me the colours on the talker. So now he is able to show me the sign for the colours in sign language as well as find the colours on the talker if I show him either the sign or the colour in a book without mentioning the colour itself.

2) Last week we talked about directions and he was able to tell me than he knew which way is left and which way is right. This is really cute because if he shows me "right" he points to his right cheek and "left" is his left cheek.

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3) Last week Sunny had some kind of "awakening". On March 13, 2008 we bought Sunny a squirrel. I remember the date very well because it was after as scary appointment with a surgeon who talked to us about some major surgery Sunny would need to have later that year and after the appointment we went to a shopping centre to get some distraction, let the appointment sink in and experience some normalcy. This was when we bought the squirrel because a similar squirrel had been in the exam room during our appointment and Sunny had fallen in love with it, making him smile from ear to ear every time he was presented the squirrel. However, as soon as we had the squirrel at home he completely lost interest in it. Until last week. All of a sudden, without any obvious reason (at least for us) he picked it up and he has been loving on and caring for it ever since. He puts it to sleep in a stool made of willow, drags it around everywhere we go, wants to take it with him to kindergarten... it is really astonishing. Sunny has never had a crush on stuffed animals, I guess because of his sensory processing disorder he was always more into hard toys made of wood and plastic. This was why we were so delighted that he liked the squirrel so much and were so disappointed when his interest vanished at home. So I think it is also some kind of development that he suddenly loves the soft fabric and also that he treats the animal in such a caring way like putting it to sleep.


  1. Oh, Joy, I love this post. I love your term "inchstones" - it is perfect. And yay for Sunny's success in signing his colors and knowing his directions. That's really good right? Also, I am so dumb, I thought it was a real squirrel at first and thought to myself "really? squirrels are pets in Germany? huh!" DUH. ;)

    PS I miss you :(

    1. Oh my god, this completely cracked me up!! LOL But it was probably my dumbness, not yours, because I did not clarify it was a pet squirrel!! But still: so funny!! :-)

    2. :D Probably my dumbness cracked ME up. Awesome.


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