Tuesday, 16 April 2013

World Voice Day 2013

Today is "World Voice Day". This means that there will be events and workshops with regard to the topics "voice" and "speaking" in all participating countries.

For me as the mom of a nonverbal child this is especially painful yet important. When I read about this day I was immediately reminded that my son hardly speaks and I felt a sharp sting in my heart. He has the voice but does not know how to form the words.

I pray every day that one day he will be able to say "I love you Mama" in his own little voice. I cannot tell you how I long for him to talk to me about his day, what goes on in his head, if he feels good or bad, how he wants to talk to me about something beautiful he saw on our walk, how happy he is about his new toy. All those things that I know are going on inside of him and that he so desperately tries to tell me with his gestures, his pointing, his sounds and the few words he can say.

I hope one day I will be able to hear him say all those things to me, with his sweet voice that I love so very much and that melts my heart as soon as I hear it.


  1. You know, every time my ears hurt from Allie's non-stop verbalizing I think if only Boo could say one word.

    And then she did.

    And then she put two words together and my heart sings.

    Boo is in no way considered 'verbal' yet, so I feel your pain. Just think on how awesome it will feel the day Sunny verbalizes his love.

    Because you know he shows it everyday in his smile!!

    1. I know Kerri. I hope one day I will hear it with my ears, too. Thank you! xoxo


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