Monday, 29 April 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 17/2013

Hi there,

I am pretty late with my wrap-up post today. Sunny got ill while we were at my parents' place and we only returned today instead of yesterday, as originally planned. Apart from that the streets were crowded so it took us much more time to drive home than usually. Therefore, I had a lot of unpacking to do and laundry and all that stuff and I am still not finished yet. We also had an appointment at the paediatrician this afternoon to rule out bronchitis because he is coughing really hard.

But now I want to post the pictures of the last week.

I ordered 1.8 kg of dark chocolate truffles and they came in the mail on Monday. Massive chocolate overload! :-)

In the evening I attended yoga class again

Our cherry trees are finally in bloom

In the woods while doing hippo therapy

Shadow games
Large traffic jam on the way to my parents

Sunny loves going to the swimming pool!

On Sunday we attended the confirmation of my nephew...

... and enjoyed great food afterwards

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