Monday, 22 April 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 16/2013

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

We had a quite uneventful week but it was one of those weekends so I really need a bit of a break today ;-)

Have a wonderful week!

The beginning of the week brought really warm weather so we could enjoy the trampoline barefoot and I even got to wear shorts!

A friend of mine recently gave me a gift card for a spa and so I treated myself with a manicure and a "Rasul bath" which is totally relaxing. You apply different healing earths/muds on your skin and after 15 minutes they are washed off with warm water, leaving your skin wonderfully soft. I could not take a picture myself as I was obviously naked and full of mud so I googled what the room looked like (it was not that fancy but similar). Oh, of course I was in there alone!
Photo credits

I sewed my first curtain ever.

In the afternoon, Sunny enjoyed his first McFlurry ice cream ever

Nature awoke from its too long sleep and exploded with bright colours and flowers and trees in bloom. Such a treat to the eyes!


  1. Look at your pretty painted toenails. And WOW so impressed that you sewed a curtain. I'm horrible at those types of things. I almost failed seventh grade home economics class! :)

    1. I'm actually quite skilled at sewing (hundreds of years ago I sewed my dress for my then-boyfriend's prom! Which reminds me that I have been to two proms in my life, his prom and my own prom. Sorry you could not attend yours!) but I rarely find the time to do it and I get impatient very quickly so I do not really enjoy it. But it feels good to see the result when you finished something.

      We did not even haven home economics in school! Which I think is a total failure of our school system.

    2. No home economics in school? I'm actually jealous but only because I'm so very bad at that stuff. Seriously. I'm really impressed you sewed your own prom dress! And went to 2 proms. Sheesh, I missed out. Now I'll never know the joy of high school prom...sigh...

    3. PS it looks like the blog roll thing is fixed! YAY and thank you huge! I hope it was not a pain.

  2. wow, you managed to shave your legs, paint your toes, AND post a picture? Way to go!! You're making me look bad, by the way!

    1. Thanks, Alana! I always have painted toes as soon as summer comes and I am without socks. I hate my toenails when they are unpainted.

      And not to make you feel even worse, but I do not shave my legs, I epilate them. Which means that they are smooth and hairless for weeks. Yay!


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