Monday, 1 April 2013

The Week In Pictures: calendar week 13/2013

Dear friends,

I hope you all had lovely Easter celebrations! Today is still a national holiday here and we are doing sweet nothing and enjoying the sun, although it is terribly cold. Sunny is outside with my husband for a bit of daddy and son time which is quite rare and I am sure they are enjoying themselves.

Have a great week!

Snow at my parents' place. A LOT of snow. Again. We are all so fed up!

We did music therapy for the first time and Sunny was over the moon. He simply LOVED it! And the therapist is the most lovely woman.

I drove an old, poor man home who was a complete stranger. I saw him at the supermarket after I had finished grocery shopping. He could hardly walk, had a heavy backpack and a shopping basket he had to put down after a few steps. I approached him on the parking lot and asked him if he would like me to take him home. He happily agreed and I felt good because I could give a bit of kindness to someone else. 

Enjoying some homemade, delicious cake. Sunny has discovered his love for cake some time ago and since then I try new recipes almost every week. This one was especially yummy.

What the Easter bunny brought. Sunny is in heaven!

Another present for Easter. He was so madly in love with the sound owl of our music therapist that I just had to get one for him.

And per special request from Misty, I proudly present: the famous Easter bunny! Sunny's school has a so-called Easter market each year where they sell handicraft work and the money goes to the school. I am always happy to support them, therefore I bought this guy last year.


  1. I love the Easter Bunny! So cool. How wonderful for both you and Sunny that he loves music therapy as well. That's really exciting. And sheesh, I hope you get some warm weather soon!

    1. Yes, music therapy was a big success! And if everything goes well our insurance company is even going to pay for it! I'm still working out the details with them.
      And yeah, we are all longing for warm weather!

  2. Happy Easter! Can Boo come over and play with Sunny's trains? I swear that was the only think in her basket she enjoyed!!

    1. It would be so awesome if you could just come over! I bet they would have loads of fun!
      So Boo got some trains, too?

  3. Hey again. I never hear from you any more! Did one of my posts offend you? I hope not!

    1. Oh no! Of course you did not offend my in any way!! So sorry that you worried about that! It is just that I haven't managed to catch up on all that I've missed yet (and wonder if I ever will?!) but I just went over and read your latest blog entries!
      However, I feel humbled that you missed me although you get a lot of comments in the meantime! xo


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