Friday, 19 April 2013

Five Minute Friday: Jump

Today I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again.



When you are pregnant and give birth to your first child, you jump. You do not know what to expect but you are brave and strong, so you just jump. And, after some time, you think you will touch the ground and be safe.

I wonder when I will touch the ground. Sometimes it seems my fall will never stop. Because as I took the step and jumped off the cliff, I found out I was jumping into a void and the ground is not visible. Maybe one day I will be able to see it. Of course, I have paused on my way down from time to time. Caught a breath. Inhaled. Exhaled. Only to find me falling again after a while.

But while I am falling I found out that my way is not unpleasant. I can feel warm winds, the sun on my skin. I inhale the rich smell of blooming flowers while I fall. I enjoy the pureness of freshly fallen snow, the crisp leaves in autumn. I see the beauty of my child and his sheer love of life. I realise that falling can be okay because I see all the goodness around me while I fall.



  1. This was great. Visiting you from Five-Minute Friday link up.

  2. i love the exhilaration of the fall as well... even if it is a little scary!

  3. Beautiful. The best thing about continuing to fall is the reminder of knowing we need Jesus.

  4. Not fair! First you make me snort diet coke and then you make me tear up. I knew I should have read these in reverse. The thing about this jump, what you are seeing as a fall, is that you have a better love because of it. You may not know what to expect but on the other hand, you are never bored.

    And you are not alone, even an ocean away. I am here jumping alongside you.

    PS--why is it you and I always go for the comical on finish that sentence and the tearjerker on 5-minute?

  5. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful comments!


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